Legalization of Medical Marijuana Is Girl’s Only Hope


We already know the tremendous treatment capabilities of medical marijuana and though a lot of states are legalizing this “herb”, a few others can’t seem to make up their mind whether to adopt it or not. Of course, with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, the whole weed debate has been turned over its head with major focus being on the negative effects of this herb.

A sad case that comes to mind is that of Sophia Nazzarine. This 5 year old girl has already had 3 brain surgeries and a device put in her chest but nothing has quite provided a solution to her epilepsy yet. Scott Nazzarine – Sophia’s father tells that Sophia has at least 10 seizures a day and their attempts at trying to reduce this with medication have proven futile.

Their only hope is for Ohio to legalize medical marijuana to help save little Sophia’s life. Sophia’s parents Scott and Nicole have opted for this alternative because “This CBD (cannabidiol) component of the marijuana plant has the same type of affect on the brain that many seizure medications do. It has a calming effect,”

You are probably wondering why the Nazzarine’s can’t just move to another state where medical marijuana  has been legalized. Well, here is what Scott had to say about that when responding to a comment:

“Al, it is my daughter and I agree with your point but unfortunately it’s not that simple. Sophia’s mother and I both have jobs and families here. We have a support system and doctors we’ve been working with. My mother recently passed away, and my father is in somewhat poor health and I would like to be around for him. But even with all that, I would move if I knew it would help my little girl. But the only place to get this particular strain of medical marijuana right now is in Colorado and there is a long waiting list to get it. So basically, we’d have to move two families there, wait for doctors to check her out and prescribe it, wait to get the medicine and then hope it works. If it does, great, I’ll gladly start our lives over again in Colorado. But if it doesn’t, then we’ve given up everything. We have no jobs, no insurance (the surgeries to date have cost in the millions–luckily we have good insurance), no family support system, etc. Believe me, we’ve considered it, and are still considering it. But it’s not as simple. I wish it were.”

Probably what really struck me the most was the lengths to which these parents were willing to go to give their daughter a better life. Scott captured it best when he said:

“As of right now we’ve tried everything, and I feel like there’s no reason we shouldn’t be allowed to try this one final step,”

Don’t you think its time our government seriously thought about the whole marijuana issue? If it were your child, what would you do? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to share them below.


Vapolution Vaporizer Review

image of a vaporizer with the accessories that can be used with it

vapolution vaporizer and accessories

The Vapolution hands free vaporizer might not be as fast when it comes to heating up as other vaporizers at this price point however, it is just as efficient. This vaporizer features a glass heating element that makes it a good herbal vaporizer at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a clean, crisp and flavourful way to vaporize your oils and herbs, the Vapolution Vaporizer is the way to go. In addition to offering clean vapor, the Vapolution vaporizer is also portable. It has a rechargeable battery that allows for two hours of continuous use in addition to the power adapter that can be plugged into a power outlet.

What really makes the Vapolution Vaporizer stand out is its easy to use nature and the safety measures taken to ensure that you get the best vaping experience. The Vapolution vaporizer has no exposed hot surfaces which is really cool for those who tend to move their hands all over their vaporizer when using it.

The temperature control on the device will not only let you monitor the temperature but also let you set the right temperatures to ensure your oils are heated ideally. And if that;s not enough, Vapolution threw in a lifetime warranty on this device which goes to show just how much confidence they have in their product.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the Vapolution Vaporizer isn’t without any flaws. There are a few drawbacks to the vaporizer. Probably what stands out most when it comes to the drawbacks  is the fact that this vaporizer is a conduction vaporizer. If you have been vaping for some time, you know that conduction vaporizers are less efficient since the material being vaped is not directly touching the heating element, some will be unevenly heated. However, this can be by stirring your material to ensure your material is evenly heated.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a vaporizer that is affordable, portable and best for oils, the Vapolution Vaporizer is a good vaporizer to consider. Personally, I find that this vaporizer is perfect for people who want to chill, vape and catch up with friends.


Marijuana Industry Creating Opportunities


Seems like the pot boom that took the nation by storm is actually doing more good than harm. So far the state of Colorado has collected $2 million in taxes for the month of January. As you know, Colorado was the first state in the US to legalize the commercial sale of cannabis in 2012.

In  the  first of January this year, retails stores opened for business and they were able to file tax returns in for $14 million. Of course, these figures only represent taxes collected on recreational marijuana if medical marijuana is included, the figure rises to $3.5 million.

Ironically, the money raised from the industry has been earmarked for youth drug prevention, substance abuse treatment and public health. But it doesn’t stop here. In New York, two friends are making a killing with their marijuana delivery business. Though what they do is illegal, “Abe” and “Brian” still hold that they are morally sound people.

According to the pair, they try to do right by people.

“Even though what we do is illegal, we’re both morally sound people,” Abe said in a recent interview,

“We try to do right by people. That’s what I always tell my mom, anyway.”

Abe and Brian run Secret Fleet and though their company is relatively new, they are building a large clientele rapidly. The pair attest to Just to having made 55 deliveries in one nigh. This translates to approximately $1100 with each delivery they make earning them $20.

You might be wondering how the pair run an illegal business. Brian the other half of the company puts everything in perspective:

“I tell my family I’m just a regular bike courier trying to make it as an actor,” this former pharmaceutical researcher says.

“I don’t like having to hide what I do. But my family is made up of very traditional, conservative people. And I don’t know how they’d react to it.” Abe’s mom on the other hand knows what he does and fears for his son.

By now you should have an idea of where I am going with this post. The marijuana industry is proving to be very lucrative and the nation can generate a lot of funds from the industry if they approach the whole matter objectively. From these two stories do you think marijuana should be legalized?

We would like to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to comment below.




Vapor Brothers Vaporizer Review

vapor borther

vapor borther

The manufacturer of the original box style vaporizer  -  Vapor Brothers have been in business for 15 years providing vapers with the highest quality whip-style vaporizers. Today we review the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer. Having heard so much about this vaporizer (the good and the bad), I decided to put down my own review to sort of shed more light on the vaporizer. I don’t personally own one of these vaporizers my friend does and i have been using it with him for  a few weeks now.

I have to say, what really stood out for me was the quality of vapor produced and the hands free nature of the vaporizer. Using long tubes fixed in the vaporizer as the primary delivery method to draw out vapor, you are guaranteed an effortless vaping experience. Moreover, the high quality ceramic elements used in the vaporizer, will ensure you get the cleanest and tastiest vapor.

Apart from the quality of vapor, I was impressed with the overall design of this vaporizer. The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer is a solid desktop vaporizer with a stylish design that is bound to catch your eye. It has a smooth wood housing that is available in either clear, (natural) or coffee (finish). The hands free kit on this vaporizer comes with an EZ Change Ground Glass Whip that will connect to the vaporizer effortlessly. This hands free kit is made from strong ceramic elements which easily detach to allow from cleaning.

Here are just a few more reasons why you should consider getting this vaporizer: It has a fairly quick heat up time. Once its heated you are ready to go. You can use it to heat herbs, essential oils and herbal extracts. It is developed and produced in the United States meaning it meets all RoHS standards. It is clinically tested and is free of lead, mercury, Cr6+and all other harmful chemicals and toxins and last but not least, it has a lifetime guarantee meaning you are buying a quality product that will deliver and last.

For people looking for a good, long lasting vaporizer under $200, they should consider the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer.


News Presenter Gets Fired For Vaping Marijuana Live


A Denver event planner was fired after she vaporized marijuana on live television was she presented a story on the recent marijuana “pot rush”.  According to the Denver Post, Amy Dannemiller was fired from her job at CNBC after her bosses saw her vaping marijuana on a news night segment.

If you thought that was all, think again. Dannemiller actually launched a business last month where she hosts cannabis theme dinner parties. Talk about cashing in on the windfall. The truth is, its pretty hard to differentiate between the real vapers and the fakers out there trying to becoming overnight celebrities.

Now, this does not mean Ms. Dannemiller falls in the former, group, however, it does reveal the lengths at which people are willing to go to prove a point. In her words, this is what she said:

“I’m just trying to change the mind-set and definition of what cannabis consumption looks like. I’m actually shocked that so many people think the fact that I consume marijuana is so shocking. So I think it is important to say, ‘I use marijuana, and that’s OK.’ ” 

Looking back, it’s easy to see that pot use isn’t OK with everybody, even though four major polls the past year have documented America’s first-ever shift toward favoring legal marijuana.

However, the story gets more interesting.. When asked during a recent interview if she had any regrets about her actions, this is what she said:

“It’s just something I knew I had to do,”

“There are so many images in all of this media — people taking bong rips and pipe hits and passing joints — and if I’m trying to say that this should be normalized but didn’t want myself on camera, I would be hypocritical.”

Today I want to flip the script a bit and ask for your honest opinion. Do you think Amt Dannemiller’s actions were right irregardless of whether it was late night television or not and do you think states should enforce laws that take care of citizens who are not for the legalization?

Feel free to share what you think about this. Your views are always welcome.


FlashVape Vaporizer Review


If you are looking for an extremely fast and portable vaporizer, you should consider the FlashVape vaporizer. With a sleek and stylish design that is 100% anodized aluminum alloy and a 100% large ceramic chamber that guarantees the very best efficiency, the FlashVape Vaporizer impressed me from the start.

When I say fast, I mean it. This vaporizer requires no heat up time. In fact, you can be vaping within seconds of turning it on.  Apart from its efficiency, the FlashVape Vaporizer has been designed to vape both blends and solid concentrates. This means that you can use it for herbs and oils.

When it comes to the construction of this vaporizer, a lot of detail has been taken into account. The FlashVape Vaporizer has a large ceramic bowl for placing your material that measures 2.5 cm. The stylish stainless steel heating element with a steel top screen which can be replaced for maximum effeciency will give you a clean, crisp and flavorful vapor.

The airflow path of the FlashVape Vaporizer is sealed and and placed separated from the battery, wiring and switches to make sure each vape you inhale is of the highest quality.

In addition to this, the manufacturer’s fitted this device with the highest quality rechargeable lithium ion battery in the market to guarantee a safe and healthy vaping experience for you.

The FlashVape Vaporizer is available in in a myriad of colors and it comes with a 2 year warranty. Maintaining this vaporizer is very easy. All major components can be taken apart to throroughly clean it. Moreover, the features like the tempered glass window can be cleaned with an isopropyl alcohol solution for a good clean.

There is also a upgraded kit for this vaporizer. In it you will find a dual battery charger with additional replacement tabbed and fitter screens. Unfortunately, this upgraded kit is exclusive to limited stores. That said, you can get the FlashVape Vaporizer and upgraded kit here.

So why should you get the FlashVape Vaporizer? Well, if you are looking for a vaporizer that is affordable, fast, portable and efficient, this vaporizer is the perfect choice for you.You can learn more about the FlashVape Vaporizer here>>>


VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer Review


So after reading Seibo Shen’s story the other day, I felt that I had to get myself the VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer and find out for myself if it is all it’s made out to be. Not only only did the VapeXhale perform how Shen said it would, but it did even better.

Of course, apart from the innovative heating feature on this vaporizer, there were a number of other things that really stood out for me and I would like to highlight them here. You are probably interested to know how the PerpetuHeat feature on the Evo Cloud performs.Well, the system generates quick, non-eroding and consistent heat which will guarantee you the best quality vapor you can imagine no matter the condition of your lungs. Like in previous models, the VapeXhale continues to use the hydratubes to send tasty, flavorful and clean vapor.

As if that isn’t enough, the PerpetuHeat System or PHS as it is commonly referred to will preserve the separation between the air and the heating system. It’s unique design will allow the PHS to wrap around the outside of the air path built into vaporizer to heat the air. If you are own any previous models from VapeXhale, you will be happy to know that the Cloud Evo heats up much quicker and is lighter than previous models.

Moreover, the Cloud Evo is compatible with all other previous VapeXhale accessories making it very cost effective for those who already own previous models. I thought the glass vapor path on the Vapexhale was a very good idea. As you know, glass does not react with any element thus the vapor produced is one of the finest.

My initial reaction to the VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer was to knock it off for its rather high price. It costs about $600. However, the price is quite similar to that of the Volcano vaporizer. All in all, what i really liked about the VapeXhale was its:

  • Glass vapor path
  • Weight. Its very light
  • Top quality construction
  • Effective heating
  • Versatility and customization options
  • Warranty

All in all, the VapeXhale Cloud Evo vaporizer is the ideal glass vaporizer for those looking for a healthier and safer way to vaporize. It can be used for dry herbs as well as concentrated material.

When I First Discovered Pot, I was Like, This Is Awesome – Siebo Shen


You are probably not familiar with the name Seibo Shen, but you might be more acquainted with the VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer. This is the newest vaporizer from VapeXhale which according to them,  has the most advanced heating system on the market.

More About Siebo Shen

He is the Brains behind VapeXhales. Mr. Shen himself has been known around the world recently as the man who created a a even better quality innovative solution to healthy combustion of Medical Marijuana.  Mr. Shen has doctors praising him for the healthy solution he has provided to patients. In one situation a patient was given  approval to qualify  for Medical Insurance after providing proof that Mr. Shens Vaporizer  is a inhalation process not like smoking during his testing process.

According to an interview from, Shen admits to having started vaping  in 1997! He shares his story and the motivation behind this one of a kind vaporizer that has awesome testimonials. Keep in mind vaporizers are not something new, they have been around for a long time but this one is different. Its still made to avoid setting the weed aflame by heating it or creating a combustion to producing a vapor, not smoking it with a light and flame but with higher quality components, more of a natural healthier process that give the true vapor experience.  More and more i find my self applauding this health fanatic suit wearing  pot head. Shen has  started a revolution I tell you. I am proud I now can say I qualify for Life Insurance  since I can prove I inhale a vapor not smoke aflame!

stay vaporated friends!

Here is an Excerpt of the interview:

“I’ve always been a health nut. I got interested in vaporizers because they’re healthier than the alternative. Selling software was great, but I was pushing products that replaced human workers. People were getting fired.

When I first started this, people said I was an idiot. I’d worked at four different companies with successful exits. That’s supposed to be the dream, but I was getting less joy out of it every time. Now I feel like I’m doing some good.”
When asked about the high $600 retail price, this is what Shen had to say:
“There’s going to be a much more vocal demographic of cannabis users. The landscape is really changing. A lot of our customers are actually 50 or older—they’re medical users, and they want the highest, healthiest dose in the shortest period of time, which is what we offer.

I’m excited to see the stigma decrease. You’ll see more people like me—suit and tie cannabis smokers. Of course there will be a lot of recreational users, but if we’re going to point fingers at the dangers of recreational pot, let’s point fingers at big pharma and tobacco, too. I dose twice a day, and it’s helped me a lot. I have problems with low appetite and back pain, and this makes my life better. That’s true for a lot of people—lives are improved.”
So there you have it a certified marijuana user giving you his own side of the story. Just thought you would want to know a little more information on this unique vaporizer and the vaping culture. You can read Mr. Shen’s complete interview and learn more about what makes him tick.

Support To Legalize Marijuana Increases


A Quinnipiac poll done Monday on New York residents, revealed that more than 50% of illegible voters favored legalization of recreational marijuana in small amounts compared to 39% who were against it.

“Medical marijuana is a no-brainer for New York state voters, and they also would follow Colorado in legalizing marijuana for fun,” Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute said.

This information comes just days after treasury issued new guidance for medical marijuana legalization. What’s interesting is the fact that in similar polls conducted across the nation, massive support for the decriminalization of this is evident. In Minnesota, 51% of those polled were in favor of marijuana being used for medical purposes while 63% per cent were against the move to legalize it for recreational use.

Of course, the Minnesota Sheriff department think otherwise.

“Making it legalized, it’s just going to be that much more out there and that much more we as law enforcement are going to be working on,” Bill Bergquist sheriff of Clay County  said.

As the numbers of those in favor of the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana increase, I ask, do you think America should come to terms with the inevitable and accept the legalization process? Thinking about your future and that of your children, would you want them to grow up in a culture where smoking and vaporizing marijuana is a normal thing.

The truth is, until we begin to look at the whole marijuana debate objectively, the more the misconceptions about this herb and its benefits will prevail. Of course, here at Marijuana Vaporizers, we will continue to update you on the latest marijuana news and reviews on the best vaporizing products to help you make better informed buying and health decisions.

Think about the questions I asked above and feel free to share your true views on this issue. Stay tuned for more hot vaporizer reviews and news .


Vapman Vaporizer Review


At first glance, the Vapman Vaporizer looks more like a kitchen tool than a vaporizer. It comes across as a very unique unit and is definitely the weirdest looking vaporizer I have ever used. So is it worth getting? Let’s find out.  Having heard so much about the Vapman Vaporizer, I decided to give it a try and find out if it is all it has been made out to be.  Boy was I impressed. The Vapman Vaporizer is one of the newest vaporizers on the market.This Swiss made vaporizer uses the advanced phyto-inhalation feature to reach efficient and effective vaporization.

Before moving on, it is important to know that there are two models of this vaporizer. There is the basic model and the classic model. The difference between these two models is the mica heat shield covering that prevents overheating. This shield cover is found on the classic model. The advantage of having this heat shield is that it helps the user to hold the vaporizer for longer periods of time without getting burnt. Also, the classic model has a polished finish on its body that gives it a stylish and elegant look.

When it comes to performance and build, I have to admit the Vapman Vaporizer is top class. Believe it or not, each unit of this vaporizer is hand crafted from the finest quality of wood and the best quality components. The high standards on this vaporizer will guarantee you a superior vaporization experience. It has been manufactured with the highest quality standards at a very affordable price.

So is the Vapman vaporizer worth getting? Well, if you are looking for a portable, efficient, durable vaporizer which has quick heat up times, is easy to use, and very affordable, you should consider the Vapman vaporizer. All in all, I loved this vaporizer. From the way it fit in my hand to its performance, I found it to be extremely light and super fast. Speed should be one of your top considerations when buying looking to buy a portable vaporizer. Alternatively, you can check out my best vaporizers under $100 post for more information on portable and affordable vaporizers.



Treasury Issues Guidance For Marijuana Industry


In what is probably another big move forward in the fight for the legalization of marijuana, the federal government last Friday made a serious announcement that I am sure will be music to the ears of many marijuana business owners. The federal government announced new guidelines that would allow banks to provide services to marijuana businesses.

So what does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that marijuana business owners are slowly starting to get social acceptance. The stigma toward the herb is slowly dying out as more and more people get more knowledgeable on how beneficial it really can be. This announcement which was made by the division of the U.S. Treasury the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) said the move will “promote greater financial transparency in the marijuana industry and mitigate the dangers associated with conducting an all-cash business.”

This memo which is an official acknowledgement of the legitimacy of marijuana retailers will no doubt help to increase the availability of banking options for pot business owners. That said, if you are a marijuana retailer, you will still need to pass a number of checks before you can get access to the services you need.

In particular, the banks will still have to verify and review your marijuana license to operate, do background checks to see if your business might be involved in any illegal activities and consistently monitor public resource information on your business for detailed specifics of the business and its related activities.

That said, not everyone thinks the move was good. Frank Keating President and CEO of the American Bankers Association was quoted as saying the new guidelines were not a solution.

“While we appreciate the efforts by the Department of Justice and FinCEN, guidance or regulation doesn’t alter the underlying challenge for banks,”

“As it stands, possession or distribution of marijuana violates federal law, and banks that provide support for those activities face the risk of prosecution and assorted sanctions.”

So I ask you. Was treasury through FinCep right to issue these guidelines or was this the wrong move? Personally, for the industry I think it was the right move and the ripple effect could well spill into other sectors of the economy, however it will take a lot of convincing on the mainstream public.


PUFFiT X Vaporizer Review


The PUFFiT X vaporizer is a discreet and stylish vaporizer that uses an advanced forced air system that will enhance your vaporization experience. How it works is pretty simple. The internal fan on the PUFFiT vaporizer pushes hot air over your herbs which creates a steady and consistent vapor. The final product released is a clean and flavorful vapor.

What I really liked about this vaporizer is its silicone heat shield that keeps the heat inside the unit and reduce the outside surface temperature. Discreet Vape went a step further to ensure that maximum efficiency and accuracy are observed by installing a microprocessor and temperature sensors in the vaporizer to ensure you get the right temperature for burning your herbs.

The temperature control feature on the vaporizer will allow you to set temperatures according to your liking. The PUFFiT X vaporizer has also been installed with a removable internal stir tool that will automatically materials in the chamber without you having to do it yourself. This will help conserve heat .

The PUFFiT Vaporizer has a quick heat up time of less than a minute making it super quick. Discreet Vape was able to achieve this by fusing together an internal processor with a high grade gold plated heating chamber. The 90 second auto shut off feature guarantees that your battery is efficiently utilized.

Measuring only 3.5 inches in height and 1 inch in width the PUFFiT vaporizer is very small, compact and portable. It weighs 2.6 ounces and it can comfortably fit in any purse or pocket. Its unique inhaler style shape makes it extremely discreet and is good option for people who are self conscious about vaporizing in public.

The battery comes with a 90 day warranty which is a little bit disappointing considering the fact that is is one of the main components of the vaporizers. So should you get PUFFiT X vaporizer? Well, if you are looking for an affordable vaporizer that is highly efficient, very discreet and portable, this is the vaporizer for you. However, if you are willing to spend a little more for a truly grand vaping experience, you can consider the Arizer Vaporizers.

Should Marijuana Be Decriminalized?

Can-CBD-Cure-Seizures© morgan200

Democratic candidate for Texas governor Wendy Davis on Tuesday pledged her support for medical marijuana and said that she would consider decriminalizing possession of “small amounts of the substance”. Now, I don’t what these small amounts would be, however, what i do know is that this will do a lot to decongest prisons.

Speaking to the Dallas Morning News, Davis said she would be taking a cautious approach to the whole issue.

“I want to wait and see what happens in Colorado,” she said. “Do I have any objections to the fact that citizens might want to legalize marijuana? No, I don’t. But I think watching to see how this experiment plays out in other states is probably advisable before I could tell you for sure.”

Current governor Rick Perry was also of the same idea that decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana would benefit the state immensely, however, he  is against the idea of legalizing marijuana.

“I personally believe that medical marijuana should be allowed for,” she said. “Certainly as governor I think it’s important to be deferential to whether the state of Texas feels that it’s ready for that.” he said.

From the above text we have seen that decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana will help to decongest prisons, however, do you think this is enough to make marijuana legal? Personally, I think the it will be a couple of months may be even a few years before marijuana is no longer considered an illegal substance let alone being allowed for recreational use. Of course the benefits of medical marijuana are clearly self evident. Here is an article we did we did on the benefits of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is know for its healing properties and is now clinically proven to treat and in some instances cure terminal diseases once thought of as incurable. Cancer, leukemia and seizures are just a few of these diseases. So what’s you take? When you look at the big picture, do you think America is ready for the decriminalizing of marijuana? I would love to hear you thoughts on the whole matter. Share them in the comments below.


Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review


The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is one of the most efficient whip style vaporizers on the market today. If you are looking for a vaporizer that you can use at home that has great vapor quality and won’t cost you an arm leg to buy, this is probably the vaporizer to go for. It is made by 7th Floor and is available in a number of colors and designs.

What makes this vaporizer stand out is its stylish design and unique features which include a reverse 90 degree angle design which uses gravitational force to allow you to effectively vaporize you blended material. As if that;s not enough, the Silver Surfer has a custom glass knob, heater cover and an indicator light that brightens and dims when you adjust the temperature.

However, what I really liked about the Silver Surfer was its heating unit. This Silver Surfer’s heating unit has been put in a ceramic casing which increases its efficiency unlike other vaporizers which have their heating elements placed next to the electronics. This usually affects the vapor released as it often gets mixed up with toxins released when cheap metal elements disintegrate during burning of material.

Moreover, each unit of this vaporizer comes with a padded travel case that makes its transportation really easily and simple. A three year warranty is included with this vaporizer and is ample proof that 7th Floor are very confident about the build and efficiency of this vaporizer.

So is the Silver Surfer the vaporizer for you? Well, if you are looking for a very efficient vaporizer that produces high quality vapor, does not cost much is durable and offers a hands free approach to vaping, this is the ideal vaporizer for you. Personally, I would not hesitate to recommend this vaporizer to anyone.

That said,  the Silver Surfer vaporizer has some very stiff competition in the Arizer and the Da Buddha vaporizers. Both these vaporizers are etremely efficient and are also worth considering. You can read our complete reviews on both these vaporizers. Our major aim is to be the top authority on vaporizers and the vaping culture and we would like to hear you thoughts and views on vaping. Share them in the comments below


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