Health Benefits of Herbal Vaporizers

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So you want to smoke minus those health effects that you know very well about. Why don’t you try out herbal vaporizer? With herbal vaporizer, you can smoke and reap up the health benefits at the same time.

An herbal vaporizer is a device that heat herbal mixture at a certain temperature to release the active ingredient contained in the herbs in the form of mist (hence the name vaporizer) while avoiding all of the possible toxic and harmful substances. Plus, the herbs you use won’t get burn during use so you can reuse it!

Instead of combustion as in “normal” smoking, vaporizers use convection and conduction to ensure that the substances you are using (in these case, herbs) are heated but not burnt. The hot air that passes through the vaporizer and heats up the herbs contained.

Herbal vaporizer is suitable to be used for both nonsmokers and smokers alike. With herbal vaporizer too, you can save a lot of money as you will be spending a bit on buying the vaporizer for one time only. In fact, you can also use herbal vaporizer to relieve from cold, cough, and nasal congestion by using certain types of herbs. Using herbal vaporizer has its own unique advantage as other person won’t notice the herb’s characteristic smell compared to cigarette smokers. And particularly for the smokers, herbal vaporizer can be used as a method to quit smoking permanently.

Examples of herbs that can be used in herbal vaporizer for their herbal benefits are;

  • Clary Sage; can help you in sleep – related problems
  • Eucalyptus; clears up nasal pathways
  • Jasmine; gives a calm and energetic feel
  • Lavender; soothing, relieves stress and headaches
  • Lemon; rejuvenating, refreshes, and stimulates your mind
  • Peppermint; relieves tiredness
  • Roman Chamomile; soothing, calming, and be used as a sleep aid
  • Rosemary and sandalwood; calming, relieves stress and depression
  • Ylang Ylang; relieves tension

On a safety note, it is a good idea that you be assure first of the safety when using certain herbs as some of them are dangerous. Take parsley for example, using this herb carries certain risk as parsley contains chemicals that are hepatotoxic and can cause abortion. You can look up more at National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy to know which herbs can be used safely for your herbal vaporizer.

With so many advantage of using herbal vaporizer, there is no excuse for not using one to relieve your craving to smoke sans the negative health effects associated with it.

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