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Vapor Brothers Vaporizer Review

vapor borther

vapor borther

The manufacturer of the original box style vaporizer  -  Vapor Brothers have been in business for 15 years providing vapers with the highest quality whip-style vaporizers. Today we review the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer. Having heard so much about this vaporizer (the good and the bad), I decided to put down my own review to sort of shed more light on the vaporizer. I don’t personally own one of these vaporizers my friend does and i have been using it with him for  a few weeks now.

I have to say, what really stood out for me was the quality of vapor produced and the hands free nature of the vaporizer. Using long tubes fixed in the vaporizer as the primary delivery method to draw out vapor, you are guaranteed an effortless vaping experience. Moreover, the high quality ceramic elements used in the vaporizer, will ensure you get the cleanest and tastiest vapor.

Apart from the quality of vapor, I was impressed with the overall design of this vaporizer. The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer is a solid desktop vaporizer with a stylish design that is bound to catch your eye. It has a smooth wood housing that is available in either clear, (natural) or coffee (finish). The hands free kit on this vaporizer comes with an EZ Change Ground Glass Whip that will connect to the vaporizer effortlessly. This hands free kit is made from strong ceramic elements which easily detach to allow from cleaning.

Here are just a few more reasons why you should consider getting this vaporizer: It has a fairly quick heat up time. Once its heated you are ready to go. You can use it to heat herbs, essential oils and herbal extracts. It is developed and produced in the United States meaning it meets all RoHS standards. It is clinically tested and is free of lead, mercury, Cr6+and all other harmful chemicals and toxins and last but not least, it has a lifetime guarantee meaning you are buying a quality product that will deliver and last.

For people looking for a good, long lasting vaporizer under $200, they should consider the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer.


Vapman Vaporizer Review


At first glance, the Vapman Vaporizer looks more like a kitchen tool than a vaporizer. It comes across as a very unique unit and is definitely the weirdest looking vaporizer I have ever used. So is it worth getting? Let’s find out.  Having heard so much about the Vapman Vaporizer, I decided to give it a try and find out if it is all it has been made out to be.  Boy was I impressed. The Vapman Vaporizer is one of the newest vaporizers on the market.This Swiss made vaporizer uses the advanced phyto-inhalation feature to reach efficient and effective vaporization.

Before moving on, it is important to know that there are two models of this vaporizer. There is the basic model and the classic model. The difference between these two models is the mica heat shield covering that prevents overheating. This shield cover is found on the classic model. The advantage of having this heat shield is that it helps the user to hold the vaporizer for longer periods of time without getting burnt. Also, the classic model has a polished finish on its body that gives it a stylish and elegant look.

When it comes to performance and build, I have to admit the Vapman Vaporizer is top class. Believe it or not, each unit of this vaporizer is hand crafted from the finest quality of wood and the best quality components. The high standards on this vaporizer will guarantee you a superior vaporization experience. It has been manufactured with the highest quality standards at a very affordable price.

So is the Vapman vaporizer worth getting? Well, if you are looking for a portable, efficient, durable vaporizer which has quick heat up times, is easy to use, and very affordable, you should consider the Vapman vaporizer. All in all, I loved this vaporizer. From the way it fit in my hand to its performance, I found it to be extremely light and super fast. Speed should be one of your top considerations when buying looking to buy a portable vaporizer. Alternatively, you can check out my best vaporizers under $100 post for more information on portable and affordable vaporizers.



Best Herbal Vaporizers

Best Herbal Vaporizers


If you’re looking for the best herbal vaporizers on the marketing, you’re in the right place. We’ve been covering the top herbal vaporizers for years, covering vaporizer reviews and the marijuana industry. How can you find out which herbal vaporizers work the best? Truthfully, there’s only one way, you try the vaporizer! We’ve took some of the best herbal vaporizers in the world and reviewed them all. We’ve tested look, price, quality and features over and over again. Now, we have a complete list of the top vaporizers on the market and we’re going to share everything with you.

Anyone that’s familiar with herbal vaporizers knows which marijuana vaporizers are great and which vaporizers are not. If you’re new t vaporizers, you may not know. Perhaps you’ve never heard of an herbal vaporizer before. Either way, you deserve to have a reliable source that offers trusted reviews and information. With years of vapor experience, Marijuana Vaporizers is a trusted source in the marijuana industry. Now, we’ll take a look at the best herbal vaporizers.


Extreme Q Vaporizer


It’s no secret that the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer has become one of the best herbal vaporizers on the market. The Extreme Q Vaporizer is one of the very few herbal vaporizers to run with the iconic Volcano vaporizer. The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is a high quality vaporizer with an affordable price tag. Smoking with this vaporizer, there’s nothing quite like it. This herbal vaporizer can be used by both veteran and rookie smokers. It has features that are easy to use and convenient.

Arizer’s Extreme Q Vaporizer comes with a quality LCD screen that allows you to adjust the cooking temperature to exactly the temp you want. It comes with a handy remote control that allows you to adjust the settings without getting up. The Extreme Q Vaporizer allows you to smoke from the bag and whip. If you’re not familiar with herbal vaporizers, usually you have to smoke from a tube, mouthpiece or bag. It’s actually a pretty cool feature.

Although the Extreme Q is a top herbal vaporizer, there’s a few issues that I must address. Come to find out, one of its coolest features is actually one of its flaws. The whip gives you a whole new vapor experience but the resin build up from the whip can become an issue. f you vapor from the whip, you’re going to have to keep it clean. This is nor a big issue, but it’s still an inconvenience.

Is the Extreme Q Vaporizer the best herbal vaporizer? I’ll leave that answer up to you. Is the Extreme Q Vaporizer a high quality herbal vaporizer? Absolutely. There’s not many flaws with the Extreme Q. It’s a top notch vapor and sure to give the best herbal vaporizers a run in 2014.


Volcano Vaporizer


In terms of herbal vaporizers, it doesn’t come anymore iconic then the Volcano Vaporizer. When it comes to features and quality in a vape, the famous Volcano Vaporizer ranks supreme. The Volcano Vaporizer is considered to be the best herbal vaporizer on the market and has been for years. The Volcano is a leading high quality brand in the vapor world and there’s several different variations and types. When it comes to features, the Volcano Vaporizer has several.

The Volcano Vaporizer is very easy to use and many people consider it to be one of the best tasting vapes on the market. The Volcano does give off a great taste and I must admit, this vaporizer impressed me. Another big complaint that I’ve experienced is vapes burning my weed. The next thing you know, your buds are all burnt up and you’re pissed. You don’t see this with the Volcano Vaporizer. When it comes to the best herbal vaporizers, the Volcano doesn’t disappoint.

The only downfall to this herbal vaporizer is the price. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. However, if you want a high quality herbal vaporizer, it’s worth every penny. If you’re new to vapes, you want a quality vaporizer that isn’t burning your marijuana up. The price tag may be hefty but quality is very important to a herbal vaporizer. I have yet to see a vaporizer review that says otherwise.

Both the Extreme Q Vaporizer and Volcano Vaporizer are among the best herbal vaporizers in the world. Both vaporizers are high quality and have great features. I would recommend either one. If you can afford it, why not both?


Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review


The Vapir Rise Vaporizer is a dual functional, high-quality durable vaporizer that is guaranteed to give you a healthier vaporizing experience. Developed by the world renowned Vapir company, this herbal vaporizer has established itself as a reliable and efficient vaporizer quickly becoming a favorite among many vapers – myself included.

This is a fairly new marijuana vaporizer only being released to the market last summer. In my opinion, the Vapir Rise Vaporizer is quite affordable, however, a lot of people think otherwise. Its in light of this that I decided to put down this review to better explain why the Vapir Rise is worth every penny it costs. What I really liked about this vaporizer is it’s touch pad control system. The Vapir Rise Vaporizer has a touch pad control feature that will make your vaping experience not only efficient, but also enjoyable.

This feature will allow the vaporizer to reach optimum heat temperatures in less than a minute! Its digital display on the other hand will allow you to control temperatures and give you ultimate control over your vaping experience. The dual functionality I mentioned earlier simple means that this vaporizer has both a whip and balloon system. You can now enjoy vaporizing through the hip system or the balloon system.

Vapir went a step further with the design of the balloon system to include an adapter system that will make it easier to fill your bags. The quality and construction of this vaporizer impressed me to say the least. The Vapir Rise Vaporizer has a stainless steel design giving it a sturdy and stylish look and noise on the unit has been decreased significantly thanks to the forced air fan system.

The ceramic heating system and HEPA air system will give you the best flavorful vapors. If you are looking for a multifunctional vaporizer that will heat your waxes, dry blends and oils, then this is the vaporizer for you. It’s quick, efficient and can support up to 4 users! How to buy the Vapir Rise Vaporizer.


Best Pen Vaporizers For Oils And Waxes

I frequently get asked what the best pen vaporizers for oils and waxes are? A good question I must admit. The truth is there are a lot of factors that you really have to consider. However, before moving forward, I would suggest you take a look at this previous best vaporizer post we did to get a clear understanding of just what is available on the market.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with what is available on the market, I would like to dig a little deeper on the best vaporizers for oils and waxes. From my own research I found these 4 pen vaporizers to be extremely efficient when it comes to use of oils or waxes

1. Omicron Vaporizer


The Omicron Vaporizer is one of the most efficient pen vaporizers on the market today. What really makes this vaporizer special is it’s innovative features.  The Omicron vaporizer is lightweight (only weighs a couple of grams) This makes it portable and allows you to carry it around and use it in a number of locations while allowing you to stay discreet as well. It is also durable having been made of aluminum construction and very easy to clean (all the parts can be separated to give it a thorough clean).

The stand out feature for me however, was it’s long lasting battery. You can use the Omicron Vaporizer Pen for a couple hundred draws before you have to refill it, pretty good for a marijuana vaporizer.

2. Source Micro 3.0 Vaporizer

This vaporizer is perfect for waxes and oils. It has a simple yet functional design that will allow you to start vaping immediately you fill your atomizer with material. It’s one button activation system and compact and slim design makes it one of the most discreet vaporizers for those who like to vape in public. Here is a video explaining more about the Source Micro 3.0 Vaporizer.

Micro 3.0 Herbal Vaporizer

3. Atmos Raw (RX)  Vaporizer

The Atmos Raw (RX) is a small, compact herbal vaporizer made specifically for dry blends and waxes. What I liked about this vaporizer was it’s portability. It is very small and discreet. This vaporizer offers a good choice for those who are looking to vape dry materials like herbs and waxes. Watch the video below to learn more about the Atmos Raw Vaporizer.

So there you have it, three of the best pen vaporizers for oils and waxes. If you would like to know more about vaporizers or are keen on starting vaporizing, I would ask you read some of our top posts on vaporizing and the vaping culture.

Best Pen Vaporizers For 2014

Since we published our best vaporizers of 2012 article, it has been one of the most viewed and talked about posts on this website. From your responses, it was easy to gather that many of you are interested in the vaping culture and would like to know all that you can about herbal vaporizers. The past year has seen huge growth in the vaporizing industry so much so that we decided to publish this buyer’s guide on the best pen vaporizers for 2014.

Most of the units reviewed here are of vaporizers that are yet to hit the market. We decided to highlight these units to give you a heads up on the latest trends in the industry. So without further ado, here is our list of the best pen vaporizers that you should keep an eye out for in 2014.

1. Pinnacle Vaporizers


Developed and manufactured by VaporBlunt, both the Pinnacle Vaporizer and the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer are two of  the most effective vaporizers on the market today.

Their small, compact design makes them extremely portable which is perfect for people who are usually on the go.The both have quick heat up times of 90 seconds, and are powered by high lithium batteries so you don’t have to worry about cords and cables.

The key stand out feature for both these vaporizers is the Hydrotube attachment. This feature will add water infiltration to the vaporization process and guarantee you a more enhanced performance.

The Pro version of this herbal vaporizer is a new release and comes with a few enhancements icnluding a better design and the multiple heat setting which will allow you to adjust and control your vaporizing temperatures.

2. ThermoVape Vaporizer


The Thermovape T1 Portable Vaporizer is an affordable, durable and efficient marijuana vaporizer. It has been built with an innovative design which is sophisticated yet simple.

This herbal vaporizer guarantees you nothing but the cleanest and purest flavor so you don’t have to worry about smoke and combustion gases. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a car adapter for people who want to vape on the go.

This unit is powered  by a new type of rechargeable batteries that are common in electric cars. These batteries are also extremely portable and they can be charged in excess of 100o times and still function efficiently.

3. Dube Vaporizer

The Dube vaporizer is a pen style portable vaporizer that is small compact and light in weight. This vaporizer is heated with a ceramic heating elemnt that offers quick heat up times of between 5 and 7 seconds. Moreover, the Dube Vaporizer can be used to either inhale herbs or aromatherapy oils.

This charger can be charged using the convetional wall charge or via USB. Learn more about the Dube vaporizer in the video below.

4. AtmosRAW RX Vaporizer

The AtmosRAW Vaporizer is a 100 per cent all American vaporizer and one of the smallest in the world. The AtmosRAW Vaporizer works well when used to heat herbs. It is compact, easy to use and is an ideal vaporizer choice if you are looking for something affordable and discreet. Watch the video below to learn more.

Hopefully, this guide helped shed some light on the best pen vaporizers for 2014. There are a lot of pen vaporizers on the market and sometimes it can be a real hustle trying to figure out which is the best. We have a number of vaporizer reviews so be sure to check them out to know which are the best.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer


The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is a mid ranged portable vaporizer manufactured by Canadian company Arizer Diffusers. Of all the vapes we have reviewed, we found the Arizer Solo to be top notch when it comes to vapor quality.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Features

So just why should you get the Arizer Solo Vaporizer? Good question. The Arizer Solo Vaporizer has been made using the best quality components and material. It’s portable, has a very stylish design and is very lightweight (weighs only 2 pounds).

What we really liked about this marijuana vaporizer was its stainless steel heating element and top quality borosilicate mouth glass piece which are totally in contrast to the plastic and vinyl tubing found on many other vaporizers.

Moreover, the Arizer’s large heating chamber will not only increase the amount of vapor you inhale, but it will also allow more hot air to pass over your herbs to give you rich and flavourful vapor with every draw you inhale.

When it comes to design, the Arizer Solo Herbal Vaporizer is truly in a class of its own. This weed vaporizer has a durable Aluminium outer shell that will safeguard it from scratches and the usual wear and tear and a stainless steel wall design that will keep the heating chamber cool even when the vaporizer is set at high temperature.

It’s high-quality lithium ion battery is able to provide you with up to three hours of pure, unadulterated vaping bliss which is good because a lot of vaporizers don’t last that long.

The Arizer’s easy to use nature is further enhanced by its LED temperature control system that will allow you to regulate vaporizing temperatures easily.

What we liked about the Arizer Solo

  • Compact design
  • Glass tubing
  • Portable nature. No cords or wires needed
  • High quality flavor
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime warranty

The Arizer’s large heating chamber will give you, crisp, flavorful and consistent vapor. Maintenance of the unit is not difficult either as this can be done using a wire cleaning brush with solid and strong bristles plus this vaporizer even comes with a lifetime warranty!


Best Vaporizers Under $100

So you are keen to start vaping but you don’t really want to break the bank buying your first vaporizer. Don’t worry, today we will look at some of the best vaporizers under $100. The truth is, there are not a lot of options within this price range, however, we did our research and compiled a list  that should make your search much, much easier.

1. Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer

vapir-oxygen-mini-vaporizerFor only $90 this compact and lightweight vaporizer should be amongst your top considerations. Precision is guaranteed with the digital temperature control and its sleek hand held design makes it one of the most portable vaporizers in the market today. The Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer has a quick heat up time, fan-less build making it completely quiet and optional battery for cordless use – this must be purchased separately. It is an ideal vaporizer for very mobile people who would like to vape discreetly while on the go. If you want a cheap quality herbal vaporizer, buy the Vapir Oxygen Mini Weed Vaporizer.

2. Palm Vaporizer

palm-vaporizerThe Palm Herbal Vaporizer is another great unit worth checking out. It is manufactured by the VaporBLUNT company and it has a lot of striking similarities to other portable weed vaporizers. It is small and compact, has a quick heat up time (less than 5 seconds!), has a replaceable screen and it is easy to use. What really sets this herbal vaporizer apart is its unique ability to vaporize herbs, waxes and oils. Moreover, it has easily removable parts which make cleaning it a breeze. This vaporizer cost only cost around $90.

3.  Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer

easy-vape-5-vaporizerThe Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer is a top of the line digital desktop herbal vaporizer. It has a good design, is durable, has a quick heat up time, hands free connection and a ceramic heating element.  Plus it has a digital LCD screen that works perfectly and is clear to see. This marijuana vaporizer is ideal for people who are tired of combustion gases and smoke and desire a more healthy way to consume their  herbs, oils and waxes. It.s $20 cheaper than both vaporizers highlighted above and is a great unit for vaporizing with friends at home.

4. Vaporite Glow Pro Vaporizer

vaporite-glow-pro-vaporizerIf you are looking for simplicity and affordability, this is the herbal vaporizer for you. The Vaporite Glow Pro Vaporizer is very affordable (only $45). It is a whip styled vaporizer that must be plugged in to be used. This vaporizer can also be used to burn essential aromatherapy oils, however, an aromatherapy bowl must be purchased separately for this.

5. Vapor King Vaporizer

vapor-king-vaporizerThe Vapor King vaporizer is a table top whip styled weed vaporizer that is mostly used for vaporizing herbs. It has hands free technology which will allow you to enjoy your favorite blend without holding the whip in position, ceramic heating element, quick heat up time of 60 seconds and a digital temperature control system. This vaporizer has a strong durable construction of fine birch and solid alder wood making it a great option for any first time vaper.

Hopefully, this best vaporizers under $100 list will help give you an idea of what kind of units are available on the market. Alternatively, you can check out our Top 5 Cheap Portable Vaporizers post for more information on affordable vaporizers.

Best Vaporizers of 2013

This list is an overview of the best vaporizers of 2013. It is based on personal experience and online reviews so it is a very accurate reflection of the state of vaporizing in 2013. We did a detail list of the best vaporizers of 2012 and we would encourage you to check out what was hot in 2012 and how it stacks up to the 2013 vaporizers.

This list is a mix of both portable and desktop vaporizers. So without wasting any more time, here is the list. It is in no particular order.

1. Silver Surfer Vaporizer

The Silver Surfer vaporizer is a mid priced, whip style vaporizer that is silver-surfer-vaporizeravailable in a number of different colors and designs. It is easy to use, built to last and produces top quality vapor. Its stylish appearance is easy on the eye and most marijuana vapers don’t mind being seen around with it. It has a glass knob and heater cover as well as an indicator light that brightens and dims as you adjust the temperature.Its heating elements are totally encased in ceramic so that it does not emit any toxins when burning material. This vaporizers comes complete with a 3 year warranty and is a great option to consider if you are keen vaper looking for the ultimate vaporizing experience. Learn more about the Silver Surfer vaporizer.

2. Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

arizer-extreme-q-vaporizerThe Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer makes the list again because the truth is, it is a good vaporizer. If you are looking for a vaporizer that does not produce smoke and harmful toxins that pose serious risks to your health, you need to consider the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. It is a dual model vaporizer that comes with both a whip and a balloon is a favorite of many marijuana smokers because  of its multi functionality. It has an LCD screen to monitor temperature and comes with a lifetime warrant! Learn more about the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer.

3. Magic Flight Launch  Box Vaporizer

magic-flight-launch-box-vaporizerThe Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is very easy to use and it won’t be long before you get the hang of it. It is durable, portable – so you don’t have to worry about cords or plugging in and is a good option for those looking for an affordable vaporizer. It costs only $119! That said, it is worht mentioning that it reuires very finely ground material for the best performance. Learn more about the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer.

4. Volcano Vaporizer

volcano-classic-vaporizerThe Volcano Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is a balloon only vaporizer that continues to remain a top range vaporizer in the market today. This vaporizer has two models the classic and the digital model. It is a high end vaporizer that will set you back a few hundred dollars, however, it is one of the best balloon system vaporizers on the market! If you are looking for a vaporizer that will relax your mind and soothe your body, this is the vaporizer for you. Learn more about the Volcano Vaporizer.

5. Pax vaporizer by Ploom

pax-vaporizerThe Pax Vaporizer is one of the few vaporizers that caused a major stir in 2013. It is a highly advanced vaporizer that does not come cheap either. That said, it is worth every cent you will pay for it as in our opinion, it is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market today. It is small and discreet easy to use though it is advanced in nature. It produces top quality vapor and it is worth considering.

There you have it, this is our take on the best vaporizers of 2013. You may have some particular models that were not featured on the list, we welcome all suggestions and would love to hear you thoughts.

That said, having tried and tested what’s on the market, these are some of the vaporizers that took our breath away in 2013. Just so you know, we are a group of former cannabis smokers turned vaporizers. Our major aim is to provide you with the best information on marijuana vaporizers to help you make an informed buying decision. Remember, there are a lot of knockoffs out there, by publishing our list of best vaporizers of 2013, we hope to shed a lot of light on the murky world of vaporizers. So always make sure what you are buying top quality.

Happy vaping my friend!


Top 5 Cheap Portable Vaporizers

One of the best ways to maximize the effect of marijuana and minimize the threat of lung cancer is by using a vaporizer. Today we will be looking at the best cheap portable vaporizers in the market.

Vaporizing is the preferred alternative to smoking or burning herbal remedies. The major reason for this is because the chemicals e.g. THC in cannabis is delivered in hot air without the smoke making it a healthier alternative. In addition to this, most vaporizers are designed to allow the user to use the collected vapor whenever they please.

But with so many vaporizers in the market all screaming for your attention, how do you choose the best from the rest? We compiled a list of the best and cheapest portable vaporizers you should consider using.

1. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

If you are looking for an efficient and affordable vaporizer, you should consider the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. This is one of the most efficient vaporizers that costs less than $200.


It has received rave reviews on Amazon where it has an average of 4.5 out 5 stars from 89 satisfied customers.

Why it’s on the list

It’s portable: This vaporizer can be preloaded and used outdoors. No need for cords or plugs.

It’s Friendly: It uses rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to worry about using a lighter or butane fuel.

It’s super fast: Loading to vaporizing takes less than 5 seconds!

It’s long lasting: This vaporizer is durable and dependable. You can carry it anywhere you go  in your pocket.

It’s safe: It produces no combustion, by products or odor.

It’s effective and stealthy: It gets the job done, is silent and can be hidden in the palm of your hand and it is affordable.

2. Palm Herbal Vaporizer

The palm vaporizer is another affordable vaporizer worth considering. It is discreet and simple to use and it is extremely fast. Vaporizing can be done in seconds after loading.


Why it’s on the list

It’s compact: This vaporizer is very small and compact. It is perfect for mobile vapers as it is easily transportable and functions quickly.

It’s stealthy: For those who like secrecy, this vaporizer is very discreet. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

It’s portable: Like the Magic Flight box vaporizer, the palm vaporizer is powered by rechargeable batteries so no use of cords or plugs.

It is responsive: It is very simple, convenient and easy to use for vaporization.

It’s affordable: It is one of the most affordable vaporizers in the market.

3.  PUFFiT Vaporizer

Probably the most unique feature of this vaporizer is its design. The PUFFiT marijuana vaporizer resembles an inhaler and a lot of people have confessed to buying it because of this one factor.


That said, there is a good number of people who have mixed feelings about this vaporizer which is common with everything. However, this vaporizer makes the list because of these reasons:

It’s discreet:  If there was ever a vaporizer that gave its users ultimate discretion, this is it. It’s shape and design resemble that of an inhaler giving its user the highest confidentiality.

It’s small and compact: It can be held in the hand and carried around anywhere.

It is fast: This vaporizer is  extremely fast. It has a quick heat up time allowing it to go from loaded to vaporizing in seconds. Moreover, it has an advanced temperature control system and an automatic shut off feature.

4. WISPR (lolite) Vaporizer

The WISPR vaporizer is a newer version of the lolite vaporizer which was quite popular a few years ago. It is powered by butane fuel (no rechargeable batteries). This however, is a great advantage for those who don’t want to worry about regularly charging their device.


Why it’s on the list

It’s very portable: Perfect for camping and long trips where you don’t have to worry about charging or connecting to a power outlet.

It’s small and compact: This vaporizer can be carried around easily. Although you will have to carry a can of butane with you, you don’t have to worry about transportation and functionality.

It’s easy to use: The WISPR vaporizer is easy to use, has a quick heat up time and is available in a variety of colors to suit your personality.

It’s affordable: It is one of the cheapest vaporizers in the market that will get the job done efficiently.

5. Vapir NO2Vaporizer

Vapir is one of the world’s leading portable and digital vaporizer manufacturers. Contrary to what many people think, this herbal vaporizer has been in the market for some time. Other than its size, ( it is a bit bigger than other portable vaporizers), the NO2 vaporizer is a very decent device.




Why it’s on the list

Superior vapor quality: For it’s price the NO2 vaporizer produces superior vapor quality and can compete with other high-end vaporizers like the Arizer vaporizer.

Easy to use: It has a seamless design that makes it easy to use. No technical knowledge is required. Moreover, it is noiseless.

Temperature Setting: It has a digital temperature control system that will let you know the exact temperature you are vaping at.  It heats up fast within one minute and it also has an auto shut off feature. If you’re still looking for some cheap vaporizers, here’s our list of the best marijuana vaporizers under $100.





How To Buy A Vaporizer

If you are going to buy a vaporizer, one thing you must keep in mind is its ability to reduce smoke emission. There are many types of vaporizers available in the market today making it much harder to know which are the best. So before you buy a herbal vaporizer, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Should you go for table top vaporizers or portable vaporizers?

This entirely depends on your preference, needs and personality. Portable weed vaporizers are vaporizers that are much smaller than table top vaporizers and are not only convenient and discreet, but they are also simple to operate. Most portable vaporizers do not have cords and are powered by batteries, butane or flame lighters. Probably the biggest advantage of portable vaporizers is the fact that it allows its users the freedom to enjoy savory, vapor anywhere. If you like to vape any time any place, this is probably your best option. Take a look at some of the best portable vaporizers in the market today


Table top vaporizers on the other hand are vaporizers that rest on a table and must be plugged into a power supply to operate. They produce better quality vapor than portable devices and in different methods including: forced air or balloon bag, whip style and the dual method (balloon bag and whip). The key benefit of table top vaporizers is that they efficiently control the vaporization process by allowing users to adjust the temperature. If you will be vaporizing at home, then a table top vaporizer should be your first choice. You can find several great deals on table top herbal vaporizers at our sponsor.


2. Analogue vaporizers or digital vaporizers?

The next question you should ask yourself is whether you should go digital or stick to analogue? Again this is entirely dependent on preference. Digital vaporizers are vaporizers that have a display screen which the user can use to determine temperature and status of his/her vaporizer. The major benefit of a digital vaporizer is that it gives you total control over the vaporizing process. If you’re looking to buy a digital marijuana vaporizer, visit our sponsor.


Analogue or traditional vaporizers are vaporizers that do not have a digital display screen but have knobs and dials which users can use to set temperature. The major advantage of traditional vaporizers is that they are reliable, high quality and durable. If you are working with a budget of $200 or less, then a traditional vaporizer is the perfect choice for you. You can’t go wrong with a quality herbal vaporizer.

3. Heat source and Delivery Method

Do not neglect to consider these two very important aspects of vaporizers as this will affect the quality of vapor you inhale. Portable vaporizers work with batteries, butane or flame. Of course burning your material with a flame will is not as efficient.

The major advantage of this is that batteries offer a steady and continuous flow of power, however, the only drawback is that they must be charged regularly.

Butane powered vaporizers are good for people who are mobile because it does not require them to connect it to a power supply.


When it comes to delivery method, there are a number of option for table top vaporizers. Portable vaporizers on the other hand have only one method of delivery. Table top vaporizers can have inhalers use the balloon bag, whip style and the dual method as delivery options.


Whip-style vaporizers are vaporizers that have a pipe (referred to as a whip in this case) enables the user to inhaler vapor by pulling hot air over the burning material.

Balloon bag/forced air vaporizers have an in-built fan that pushes hot air over your material which forms a consistent flow of vapor that is collected in the balloon bag.  These types of vaporizers are the latest in the market and are usually found in most of the top of the range models.

Dual vaporizers are vaporizers that have whip and forced air technology fused into them for extreme efficiency.


Hopefully by now you are more knowledgeable on the many types of vaporizers that exist on the market and the options that you have at your expense.

What do you think? Was this helpful? Tell us what other things you consider when you want to buy a vaporizer.

Pax Vaporizer Review

Pax Vaporizer Review

Pax Vaporizer Review


The Pax vaporizer is completely rechargeable unlike other electric vaporizers.

Pax fits within the mid-high range vaporizers and is relatively expensive.

This technology is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and a high quality vaporizer like the Pax really is worth the value.

Pax by Ploom vaporizer

Vaporizer Company Ploom Emerges 2012

Recently, a new vaporizer company by the name of Ploom has shown they will soon be a leader in portable vaporizers.

Ploom will hopefully come out with some cheaper vapes, but until then the vaporizer industry is reeling over the new Pax portable vaporizer.

The Pax Vaporizer by Ploom is unmatched in the discreteness and is quickly becoming a personal favorite among medical marijuana patients.

Herb grinders are essential with the Pax, like any herbal vaporizer on the market.

The more ground your medical marijuana, the more pure thc you will extract from the marijuana.

This vaporizer recently launched in 2012.

Pro/Con Review of Pax by Ploom


A con of the Pax is that it’s not a digital vaporizer.

There is a light indicator which turns on when it’s ready to use, but without a digital readout, it’s hard to choose your preferred temperature.

With Pax, you do not need to use a vaporizer whip, simply inhale straight out of the Pax vaporizer.


Being portable is probably the best feature, as well as the easy recharge.

The display isn’t as in-depth like the Arizer Solo vaporizer, but the Pax vaporizer does beat out the magic flight launch box.


If you want the best portable herbal vaporizer, I would suggest going with the Pax vaporizer by Ploom. It will definitely make you happy when you owing quality herbal vaporizer, like Pax by Ploom.

Best Vaporizers 2012

Best Vaporizers 2012

Best Portable & Desktop Vaporizers

Looking for the best vaporizers to avoid wasting your money? Based on personal experience and online reviews, here is a list of the best vaporizers for 2012:

Vapir NO2

The Vapir NO2 Vaporizer is in my opinion the best vaporizer for your money. With the clean flameless heat created by the  NO2, customers can now enjoy the true flavor and essence of their favorite herbs! This portable vaporizer allows for specific control over the heat with its patented digital display which is fully accurate within 2-5 degrees. This level of accuracy and control lets you see what temperature they are at each and every time, providing the best vapor each time. This herbal vaporizer also comes with a safety feature which turns off automatically after 20 minutes of no use. For only $113, you can’t go wrong for this amount of quality.

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Topoo VP-100

If we’re looking for the best vaporizer with a good price, it would be the valued Topoo VP-100. This vaporizer is an absolute bargain! I’ve used it for the past two years and have not had one problem with it; it seems stable enough to last another three years easily. The pieces are cheap enough to switch out if broken and the simplicity of this makes it a good value. This thing has always worked like a charm and for only $28.95, you can’t go wrong.

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Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer is not attractive at the price, but if you’ve heard the reviews, it’s one of the best. I can tell you from the times I’ve smoked with it, it’s definitely a high quality vaporizer. It’s manufactured in Germany and it’s forged in high quality stainless steel. There are even low priced Volcano vaporizer models that will still do the trick. If you are a vaporizer enthusiast and you’ve always wanted to have the ultimate vaporizer, the Volcano Vaporizer is the vaporizer for you.

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Arizer Extreme-Q

The Extreme Q Vaporizer is a higher end vaporizer, which fellow cannabis smokers say has a spectacular vaporizing experience. Of all the Arizer vaporizer models, the Extreme-Q Vaporizer with remote control is definitely a best vaporizer for 2012. It has everything you’d expect from a high-end vaporizer including a temperature LCD screen, both whip and balloon inhaling options, and remote control. With the Extreme 4.0 Vaporizer Kit, you get everything you’ll need for one low price.

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Vapolution 2.0

Vapolution Portable VaporizerThe Vapolution Portable Vaporizer comes with a lifetime guarantee. The new Vapolution 2.0 Hands Free Vaporizer Basic package glass on glass heating elements for the cleanest vapor possible. The Vapolution Vaporizer is very well known, effective and easy to use – even comes at an affordable price! The Vapolution Vaporizer can be plugged into your wall outlet or car adaptar. The power and car adapter, along with a lifetime warranty, are all included with this herbal Vaporizer. Start Up Time is about 4 minutes. For $130, it’s hard to beat.

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Magic Flight

Magic Flight Portable Vaporizer with Charger is another good option for around $185. It was featured in the Cannabis Cup in the past, but remains popular to this day. This has a temperature gauge and is portable. This vaporizer is a best vaporizer 2012 and is the best vaporizer for the money

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We are a group of fellow cannabis smokers that got tired of the harsh smoke and coughing. At Marijuana Vaporizers, we aim to provide you with the best quality resource for finding the best vaporizer. The best vaporizer 2012 could also be the Glass VaporGenie, which is a best vaporizer 2012 for portable vaporizers. Finding the best vaporizer can be easy if you know where to look. Sometimes even the best vaporizer is only a best selling knockoff of a Magic Flight or Vapor Genie, but not a best vaporizer 2012.

High Quality Vaporizers

Investing in a High Quality Vaporizers

There is a lot going on in the world of medical marijuana. Weed vaporizers have emerged on the scene with the promise of providing pure thc with each hit. In recent times, the number of vaporizer types has increased dramatically.

A high quality vaporizer will give you everything that is good, the psychoactive effects (active cannabinoids) without the harmful toxins typically found in smoke. There are now portable vaporizers such as the Vapir vaporizer or iolite portable vaporizer, desktop vaporizers such as the tower extreme vaporizer or volcano digital vaporizer.

The cheaper vapes are not so hot, such as analog vaporizers without the digital display. One thing about marijuana vaporizers is that you must heat the medical marijuana up to optimum temperatures. Typically this ranges between 300f-400f degrees, hotter if you want all the pure thc you can get.

Cannabis Cup Goers Love Weed Vaporizers

Cannabis Cup has been showing a peak in interest over the weed vaporizer. Medical marijuana laws are able to keep patients with their meds, but many U.S. citizens want to see marijuana legalized across the country. Cannabis Cup winners from all over the United States are now starting medical marijuana clinics. Colorado medical marijuana clinics are popping up faster than Starbucks.


If you have a medical marijuana recommendation and would like to try a vaporizer, there are many different options. I wrote about the best vaporizers here.

Want to hear my advice? Stay away from harmful toxins and get yourself a vaporizer.

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