Can You Vaporize Marijuana With An Electric Cigarette?

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Can you vaporize marijuana in a electric cigarette? You have probably asked yourself this question and are wondering whether it is possible ? Well, it is.Without wanting to get into all the legal stuff, smoking marijuana with an e-cigarette is not only possible but the feeling you get is simply amazing

So just how do you do it? Frankly, there isn’t too much detailed information on the web about how to smoke marijuana with an e-cigarette unless you check the forums. But even there, you will have to wade through hundreds if not thousands of threads to really get an idea of how to do it right.

The truth is the only way to smoke THC with an electric cigarette is if you have it extracted from the herb and stuff it into the cartridge just the same way you would put nicotine into the cartridge.

E-cigarettes ingest liquid nicotine so your marijuana would have to be liquid if you are to ingest it. Moreover, the e-cigarette will only vaporizer the liquid nicotine at certain temperatures which might not be optimum for liquid marijuana. It is important to remember that.

That said, it is worth experimenting to find out just how possible this is. If you do try to smoke marijuana with an e-cigarette, we would like to know how it goes for you.





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