Marijuana Industry Creating Opportunities


Seems like the pot boom that took the nation by storm is actually doing more good than harm. So far the state of Colorado has collected $2 million in taxes for the month of January. As you know, Colorado was the first state in the US to legalize the commercial sale of cannabis in 2012.

In  the  first of January this year, retails stores opened for business and they were able to file tax returns in for $14 million. Of course, these figures only represent taxes collected on recreational marijuana if medical marijuana is included, the figure rises to $3.5 million.

Ironically, the money raised from the industry has been earmarked for youth drug prevention, substance abuse treatment and public health. But it doesn’t stop here. In New York, two friends are making a killing with their marijuana delivery business. Though what they do is illegal, “Abe” and “Brian” still hold that they are morally sound people.

According to the pair, they try to do right by people.

“Even though what we do is illegal, we’re both morally sound people,” Abe said in a recent interview,

“We try to do right by people. That’s what I always tell my mom, anyway.”

Abe and Brian run Secret Fleet and though their company is relatively new, they are building a large clientele rapidly. The pair attest to Just to having made 55 deliveries in one nigh. This translates to approximately $1100 with each delivery they make earning them $20.

You might be wondering how the pair run an illegal business. Brian the other half of the company puts everything in perspective:

“I tell my family I’m just a regular bike courier trying to make it as an actor,” this former pharmaceutical researcher says.

“I don’t like having to hide what I do. But my family is made up of very traditional, conservative people. And I don’t know how they’d react to it.” Abe’s mom on the other hand knows what he does and fears for his son.

By now you should have an idea of where I am going with this post. The marijuana industry is proving to be very lucrative and the nation can generate a lot of funds from the industry if they approach the whole matter objectively. From these two stories do you think marijuana should be legalized?

We would like to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to comment below.




News Presenter Gets Fired For Vaping Marijuana Live


A Denver event planner was fired after she vaporized marijuana on live television was she presented a story on the recent marijuana “pot rush”.  According to the Denver Post, Amy Dannemiller was fired from her job at CNBC after her bosses saw her vaping marijuana on a news night segment.

If you thought that was all, think again. Dannemiller actually launched a business last month where she hosts cannabis theme dinner parties. Talk about cashing in on the windfall. The truth is, its pretty hard to differentiate between the real vapers and the fakers out there trying to becoming overnight celebrities.

Now, this does not mean Ms. Dannemiller falls in the former, group, however, it does reveal the lengths at which people are willing to go to prove a point. In her words, this is what she said:

“I’m just trying to change the mind-set and definition of what cannabis consumption looks like. I’m actually shocked that so many people think the fact that I consume marijuana is so shocking. So I think it is important to say, ‘I use marijuana, and that’s OK.’ ” 

Looking back, it’s easy to see that pot use isn’t OK with everybody, even though four major polls the past year have documented America’s first-ever shift toward favoring legal marijuana.

However, the story gets more interesting.. When asked during a recent interview if she had any regrets about her actions, this is what she said:

“It’s just something I knew I had to do,”

“There are so many images in all of this media — people taking bong rips and pipe hits and passing joints — and if I’m trying to say that this should be normalized but didn’t want myself on camera, I would be hypocritical.”

Today I want to flip the script a bit and ask for your honest opinion. Do you think Amt Dannemiller’s actions were right irregardless of whether it was late night television or not and do you think states should enforce laws that take care of citizens who are not for the legalization?

Feel free to share what you think about this. Your views are always welcome.


Treasury Issues Guidance For Marijuana Industry


In what is probably another big move forward in the fight for the legalization of marijuana, the federal government last Friday made a serious announcement that I am sure will be music to the ears of many marijuana business owners. The federal government announced new guidelines that would allow banks to provide services to marijuana businesses.

So what does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that marijuana business owners are slowly starting to get social acceptance. The stigma toward the herb is slowly dying out as more and more people get more knowledgeable on how beneficial it really can be. This announcement which was made by the division of the U.S. Treasury the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) said the move will “promote greater financial transparency in the marijuana industry and mitigate the dangers associated with conducting an all-cash business.”

This memo which is an official acknowledgement of the legitimacy of marijuana retailers will no doubt help to increase the availability of banking options for pot business owners. That said, if you are a marijuana retailer, you will still need to pass a number of checks before you can get access to the services you need.

In particular, the banks will still have to verify and review your marijuana license to operate, do background checks to see if your business might be involved in any illegal activities and consistently monitor public resource information on your business for detailed specifics of the business and its related activities.

That said, not everyone thinks the move was good. Frank Keating President and CEO of the American Bankers Association was quoted as saying the new guidelines were not a solution.

“While we appreciate the efforts by the Department of Justice and FinCEN, guidance or regulation doesn’t alter the underlying challenge for banks,”

“As it stands, possession or distribution of marijuana violates federal law, and banks that provide support for those activities face the risk of prosecution and assorted sanctions.”

So I ask you. Was treasury through FinCep right to issue these guidelines or was this the wrong move? Personally, for the industry I think it was the right move and the ripple effect could well spill into other sectors of the economy, however it will take a lot of convincing on the mainstream public.


Pot Smoking Beiber And Father Abuse Flight Attendant

Pot-Smoking-Beiber-And-Father-Abuse-Flight-Attendant© dawn.evil14_joergerick

Last Friday, teen singer Justin Beiber, his father and a group of ten friends boarded Justin’s leased Gulfstream jet bound for New York. With the upcoming Superbowl, the singer had intended to spend the weekend chilling and watch the big game from a private suite in Metlife stadium before sampling the big apple’s vibrant nightlife.

However, things did not go according to plan. This pot smoking gang terrorized the flight attendant so much that the pilot had to ask the flight attendant to stay with him in the cockpit. Reports from the incident that have surfaced said the the luxurious Gulfstream IV jet was full of marijuana smoke to the point where the pilots had to wear their oxygen masks.

In the report, the flight attendant who remains anonymous said Beiber and his father “were extremely abusive verbally and she would not work another flight with them.”

A number of local authorities including the DEA, customs and border agents and police  were there to receive the plane when it landed in Teterboro and reported that there was still marijuana smoke in the cabin. When questioned, Beiber admitted to taking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

Now, here is the irony. Despite Beiber and his friends putting the career of the pilots at risk (pilots had to wear oxygen masks during the flight to avoid inhaling the weed and have their licenses revoked for failing a drug test), they were unwilling to press any charges against them. So they walked  off scott free.

However, karma always has her way. Things had to average out and Beiber paid for his actions when he was turned away from New York City Club 1 Oak and 4 other Superbowl parties. So our question to you is, though many of you are in favor of legalizing cannabis – at least for medical and recreational use, would such a move be a good idea?

Personally, I feel that this case should be treated as an isolated one, however, this is not excusing Beiber’s actions. They were wrong, and should be punished regardless of whether Beiber is a star or not.Do you agree? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

can-cannabis-cure cancerThe evidence so far suggest that “the non-hallucinogenic parts of cannabis are potentially highly effective cancer drugs.”  This is according to a study by the Anticancer Research Institute. So if you thought that doctors and nurses were pulling your leg on this, you are wrong cannabis can cure cancer.

For some time now researchers have been studying the effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) on the brain and they are in agreement that this psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant contains healing elements that can treat and in some cases cure diseases and conditions once thought incurable.

Dr. Wai Lui of the department of Oncology, Division of Clinical Sciences at the St. George’s University of London explains:

“The cannabinoids examined have minimal, if any, hallucinogenic side effects, and their properties as anti-cancer agents are promising.”

“These agents are able to interfere with the development of cancerous cells, stopping them in their tracks and preventing them from growing. In some cases, by using specific dosage patterns, they can destroy cancer cells on their own.”

Dr. Wai Lui was one of the participating scientists in the study and his remarks are very encouraging. Of course, though THC acts against cancerous cells and kills them, the disadvantage of this psychoactive element is that it is a powerful hallucinogen. With a lot more funds being poured into research of cannabis and society becoming more open to the thought of this herb being used as a healing agent,  Dr Wai Lui and his team have been able to further their research and test a variety of non-hallucinogenic cannabis derived compounds with very positive results especially against blood cancer/leukemia.

This statement from Dr. Lui on the treatment of leukemia with cannabis on St George’s website reads:

“Of six cannabinoids studied, each demonstrated anti-cancer properties as effective as those seen in THC. Importantly, they had an increased effect on cancer cells when combined with each other.”

“This study is a critical step in unpicking the mysteries of cannabis as a source of medicine. The cannabinoids examined have minimal, if any, hallucinogenic side effects, and their properties as anti-cancer agents are promising.”

Now that is it very clear that cannabis can cure cancer, it remains to be seen whether more and more nations around the world will become more open to the legalization of marijuana.

photo credit © Milton Leite


DEA Agent Joins Lucrative Legal Marijuana Industry


Ever since Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use, there has been a lot of interesting stories making the rounds. Everyone from the president to the average Joe on the street have been quick to give their two cents on the whole issue.

With the pot industry exploding,  a lot of people are looking at cashing in on the windfall. Believe it or not, the marijuana industry has now snared the very people who were strongly against it. Just this week word broke out that former DEA agent Patrick Moen who quit his post last year has now been recruited by a private equity firm that specializes in acquiring businesses in the marijuana industry. Surprisingly, Moen not only has a law degree, but also a strong background in law enforcement. He was once a police office in New York City

Moen becomes the second DEA agent after Paul Schmidt one of the highest ranking DEA agents in Oregon did the unthinkable by joining the marijuana industry. Of course,  a lot of people especially Moen’s colleagues are not happy with his switch. He however, maintains that his move was basically due to the fact that he was seeking a new challenge.

“There was no Aha moment,” Moen said when interviewed by the Seattle Times. “I had been contemplating career moves, looking for new challenges. It was partly a reflection of the general dysfunction of the federal government. Gridlock in D.C. has trickled down to affect every employee. It hurts morale. I’ll leave it at that.”

When asked why he left the DEA an agency he had at one time in his career characterized as the cream of the crop, Moen said that he realized that targeting marijuana was not an effective use of federal resources. How about that.

Schimdt on the other hand said that he saw marijuana as the least of the evils when compared to other drugs like heroin, meth and cocaine.

In fact in an interview with the Oregonian, he revealed the irony behind his move. “A lot of people say, “How could you be so against it on Monday then on Tuesday, you are all for it ?” he said. The truth is, as more and more information becomes readily available concerning the uses of marijuana, a lot of people’s resistance to the herb will start to decrease.

So far, we have seen the President speak on marijuana and the NFL Commissioner positively comment on the whole cannabis debate. The question, is the world ready to legalize marijuana?

How Does Marijuana Affect The Brain?

marijuana-brain-effects© Ars Electronica

Since the recreational use of marijuana became legal in the state of Colorado, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is “How does marijuana affect the brain?“.

To begin, it is important to understand how the brain processes THC.  Typically, after inhaling cannabis smoke or vapor, the chemical properties in the smoke/vapor are dispersed throughout your body.

THC the psychoactive element in the vapor/smoke will immediately reach your brain and begin to work. This explains why a simple puff can get you high. Most users describe this commencing feeling as relaxing and mellow which produces a feeling of obscurity and light headedness. Afterwards, feelings of paranoia and panic might be felt by the user. The interaction of THC and your brain is the major cause of these feelings.

Now that you know how your brain processes THC, you need to know which parts of your brain are affected by THC to have a clear understanding of its effects. The major things to know are:

  • Neurons-the cells that process information in the brain
  • The path on which these cells communicate is the neurotransmitters
  • Alien chemicals like THC can block actions of the neurotransmitters

Your brain’s functions depend on the effective interplay of the neurotransmitters whose major job it is to carry information between the cells.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol will combine with the brain proteins referred to as the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. These proteins exist in large volumes in key areas of the brain where learning, pain perception, memory and reward processing occur.

So how will marijuana affect these areas of your brain? The truth is, you will need an experts opinion on this, however, what I can tell you is this, excessive use of cannabis during adolescents can generate lasting processes in your brain function especially in people who are at a greater risk of getting mental disorders.

Science has now proven that the continual use of cannabis especially during teen years can increase the risk of psychosis, decrease adulthood IQ amongst other problems.

Though it will take some time for marijuana to be accepted as an alternative treatment to chronic conditions, a lot is being done to educate the public on the positive aspect of this herb.

If you have any opinions or questions on how marijuana affects the brain, feel free to put them in the comments below and I will get back to you.



Obama On Marijuana Use

Obama On Marijuana Use

barack© gllorensb

President Obama has finally been dragged into the marijuana debate. In an interview with the New Yorker Magazine, Obama not only confirmed his use of marijuana as a kid, but he also made a rather startling remark.

According to the president marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. He could not have said it better.

“As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life. I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol,” the president said.

President Obama however made it clear that smoking marijuana is not something he encourages.

“Smoking marijuana is not something I encourage, and I’ve told my daughters I think it’s a bad idea, a waste of time, not very healthy,”  Obama said.

If you have been reading my posts these past couple of days, you will notice that we have taken a slightly different approach with our content.

Not only are we focusing on vaporizers and everything related to it, we have also been taking the time to demystify some of the common myths surrounding cannabis, hemp, CBD and THC.

So why do I say Obama is right in his comparison of alcohol and marijuana? As you know by now, there is a lot more to Cannabis than just the blissful high feeling you get. Cannabis actually has healing properties and is used to treat chronic illnesses and conditions. I actually did a post on CBD as a cure for seizures and other illnesses.

So will the president’s remarks determine how quickly the medical and recreational use marijuana laws get passed in other states still debating the issue? I don’t see how. However, it does give an idea on the kind of If the president does give an idea of how open this subject has become.

Of course, a lot of opponents of this law did not like what the president had to say. Many question whether the new laws will raise concerns about public health and whether the easy availability of this drug would leas to more under age use and increase in the levels of crime.


Marijuana and Hemp – What’s the difference?


There is a lot of confusion surrounding marijuana and hemp and their benefits and I thought it best to shed some light on what these two herbs are. Both marijuana and hemp are forms/subspecies of the cannabis plant. They both contain essential elements (cannabinoids) found in the cannabis plant. The most popular of these cannabinoids is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Marijuana however, contains a higher THC and cannabinoid content than hemp.  Now that you know about these two varieties of the cannabis plant, it is best if I explain the difference between medical marijuana oil and hemp seed oil. Medical marijuana oil is also known as hemp oil. Hemp seed oil on the other hand is the oil that is released when seeds of the hemp plant are pressed together. Hemp seed oil is abundant in fatty oils that contain essential elements beneficial to your body. Hemp seed oil is easily accessible and can be purchased from health food stores. It’s easy to confuse hemp seed oil and hemp oil as most stores don’t differentiate on their labels. That said it is important to remember that medical marijuana or the real hemp oil is made from the buds of the female marijuana plant and it contains THC and cannabinoids that have essential healing properties. Its worth remembering that medical marijuana is also referred to as hemp oil, cannabis oil or hash oil just so you don’t get confused.

So what are the benefits of hemp oil/ medical marijuana oil?

Before I let you know about the benefits of hemp oil, here are a few things to ponder over:

  • Prescription drugs kill about 100,000 people in the world
  • There are no known recorded cases of death arising from cannabis use
  • Over ingestion of cannabis can actually save your life rather end it
  • Medical marijuana actually treats conditions that conventional medicine doesn’t

Pretty amazing don’t you think. The major benefit however is the enormous health conditions hemp oil is able to treat. Alzhemiers, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, depression, hepatitis c, cancer, AIDS and morning sickness are just a few of the diseases and conditions medical marijuana can treat. So as the debate rages on we would like to ask for your opinion on the continued legalization of medical marijuana across the nation. Do you think it is a good move?

Marijuana For NFL USE?

mrijuana-for-nfl-use© Football Ivan

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is the latest public personality to add his voice to the ongoing cannabis legalization debate. Ever since the controversial cannabis law allowing the recreational use of the herb came into effect on January 1st in the state of Colorado, a lot of hype has surrounded the topic with many people the world over still coming to terms with the shocking news and now marijuana for NFL use is looking more like a reality.

Though it is legal to buy cannabis in some states, smoking marijuana is illegal under the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. Wanting to get Goodell’s take on the whole matter, ESPN asked whether a time will come when players will be allowed to use medical marijuana is states where it is legal. This is what he said:

“I don’t know what’s going to develop as far as the next opportunity for medicine to evolve and to help either deal with pain or help deal with injuries, but we will continue to support the evolution of medicine”.

His remarks come in the wake of more and more states laying the ground for legalizing the use of medical marijuana. So far, two states Colorado and Washington allow recreational use of marijuana with Alaska close to becoming the third. Twenty one other states including: Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware and New York allow the use of medical marijuana,

The question is, “Will the sports world embrace medical marijuana?” The truth is, the benefits for medical marijuana are enormous especially for sports like football and soccer where breaking bones is part of the game. In these sports the pain that is endured by players is unimaginable. Former Denver Broncos tight end Nate Jackson knows the pain all too well and his vivid description can be reason enough for the sport to start using medical marijuana.

“You never live pain-free in the [National Football League],” Jackson was once quoted as saying. “You don’t discuss it. But you manage pain on a daily basis. Every morning there’s this moment – especially when you wake up in training camp — when you’re like, what the f— am I doing? How am I going to make it through this practice? Even getting out of bed is hard. How you deal with it is your own personal thing.”

With Goodell’s recent comments it seems like pain will be a thing of the past for most players – at least in states where the use of medical marijuana is legal. That said, do you think marijuana for NFL use is okay and more importantly, where do you draw the line between medical marijuana use and recreational use?


Digital Vaporizer Herbs List

Digital Vaporizer Herbs List

Purchasing a vaporizer will do untold benefits to your health, as well as provide useful help for those that are looking to give up smoking. Unfortunately, not many people have woken up to the benefits that a Digital Herbal Vaporizer can provide, but in this article I am going to highlight a few of the benefits, as well as some of the popular herbs that are used to benefit your health. Continue reading “Digital Vaporizer Herbs List” »