Hot Box Flame Vaporizer Review

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The Hot Box Flame Vaporizer is a unique multipurpose hand made vaporizer that has been designed to significantly improve your vaping experience. It’s cutting edge design makes it a perfect vape for first timers. It’s simple to use, effective and a great alternative to conventional smoking methods.

What I really liked about the Hot Box vaporizer was it’s durable build. The Hot Box has been constructed with a patented stone/tile design which has been fused together with a one of a kind ceramic nichrome heating element. This top notch heating system will guarantee vapers the highest quality vaporization process that is possible.

Another standout feature of the Hot Box Vaporizer is it’s hands free vapor whips. You no longer have to handle the whip during inhalation as it is attached to the heating element allowing you to have a totally enjoyable experience. It has a simple on/off switch making extremely easy to use and it is also very affordable.

Hot Box has grown to become an established brand and one of the premier vaporizer manufacturer’s in the world.Their high quality standards, simple to use products and stylish designs have set them apart from their competition. The Hot Box Flame Vaporizer includes a two piece detachable whip kit and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty that will cover any defect on the heating element – shows you the kind of quality you can expect.

There are some drawbacks with Hot Box Flame Vaporizer that i did come across and it would only be fair if I pointed them out. The first and probably most important drawback is that this vaporizer takes quite sometime to heat up. 10 minutes is a long time to wait even for a newbie.

The tubing also does build up residue quite fast and I also found them to be very rigid. Overall, for price and performance, I would recommend the Hot Box Flame Vaporizer to anyone looking to get their feet in the vaping culture. However, if you want quick heat up times, better flavour vapor and have a few hundred dollars to spare, you can go for the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer.

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