Pot Smoking Beiber And Father Abuse Flight Attendant

Pot-Smoking-Beiber-And-Father-Abuse-Flight-Attendant© dawn.evil14_joergerick

Last Friday, teen singer Justin Beiber, his father and a group of ten friends boarded Justin’s leased Gulfstream jet bound for New York. With the upcoming Superbowl, the singer had intended to spend the weekend chilling and watch the big game from a private suite in Metlife stadium before sampling the big apple’s vibrant nightlife.

However, things did not go according to plan. This pot smoking gang terrorized the flight attendant so much that the pilot had to ask the flight attendant to stay with him in the cockpit. Reports from the incident that have surfaced said the the luxurious Gulfstream IV jet was full of marijuana smoke to the point where the pilots had to wear their oxygen masks.

In the report, the flight attendant who remains anonymous said Beiber and his father “were extremely abusive verbally and she would not work another flight with them.”

A number of local authorities including the DEA, customs and border agents and police  were there to receive the plane when it landed in Teterboro and reported that there was still marijuana smoke in the cabin. When questioned, Beiber admitted to taking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

Now, here is the irony. Despite Beiber and his friends putting the career of the pilots at risk (pilots had to wear oxygen masks during the flight to avoid inhaling the weed and have their licenses revoked for failing a drug test), they were unwilling to press any charges against them. So they walked  off scott free.

However, karma always has her way. Things had to average out and Beiber paid for his actions when he was turned away from New York City Club 1 Oak and 4 other Superbowl parties. So our question to you is, though many of you are in favor of legalizing cannabis – at least for medical and recreational use, would such a move be a good idea?

Personally, I feel that this case should be treated as an isolated one, however, this is not excusing Beiber’s actions. They were wrong, and should be punished regardless of whether Beiber is a star or not.Do you agree? Share your thoughts and comments below.