Legalization of Marijuana In Colorado – Good Or Bad Decision?

benefits-of-cannabis© skunkypaw

A debate that won’t end anytime soon is the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and whether it was a good decision. Cannabis has long been considered a harmful substance and has been associated with unruly people until recent discoveries proved that this ‘herb’ has very essential healing properties in it.

It’s almost two weeks since the cannabis law came into being and already recreational marijuana sales have exceed $5 million!. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, state authorities foresee a $600 million wholesale and retail turnover by the end of the year.

So just why is there a lot of hullabaloo surrounding Colorado’s move? Well, like with anything in life, there will always be proponents and opponents. In this case, opponents of this move have actually put up a very strong defense against why they think this is not only a wrong move for the state but for the entire nation.

First of all, marijuana or cannabis as most people know it is the most accessible street drug in America. 48% of  Americans surveyed said they have experimented with drug and 6.5% of high school seniors admit to using it daily. Medical Marijuana on the other hand is known to help in the cure of diseases like cancer, glaucoma even menstrual cramps, however their according to major bone of contention is that both short and long term use of cannabis will result in harming the body and the mind.

Proponents of the legalization of marijuana on the other hand think otherwise. Most agree that the medicals benefits far outweigh the negatives and that the move was long overdue. When it comes to the treatment of symptoms of AIDS, cancer and glaucoma, proponents are all in agreement that cannabis helps greatly with with this.

Bottom line: You have full responsibility over your health. In rare cases like this, some drugs have benefits which outweigh their risk. Cannabis just happens to be one of them. Do you agree We would like to hear your thoughts on this.