Support To Legalize Marijuana Increases

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A Quinnipiac poll done Monday on New York residents, revealed that more than 50% of illegible voters favored legalization of recreational marijuana in small amounts compared to 39% who were against it.

“Medical marijuana is a no-brainer for New York state voters, and they also would follow Colorado in legalizing marijuana for fun,” Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute said.

This information comes just days after treasury issued new guidance for medical marijuana legalization. What’s interesting is the fact that in similar polls conducted across the nation, massive support for the decriminalization of this is evident. In Minnesota, 51% of those polled were in favor of marijuana being used for medical purposes while 63% per cent were against the move to legalize it for recreational use.

Of course, the Minnesota Sheriff department think otherwise.

“Making it legalized, it’s just going to be that much more out there and that much more we as law enforcement are going to be working on,” Bill Bergquist sheriff of Clay County  said.

As the numbers of those in favor of the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana increase, I ask, do you think America should come to terms with the inevitable and accept the legalization process? Thinking about your future and that of your children, would you want them to grow up in a culture where smoking and vaporizing marijuana is a normal thing.

The truth is, until we begin to look at the whole marijuana debate objectively, the more the misconceptions about this herb and its benefits will prevail. Of course, here at Marijuana Vaporizers, we will continue to update you on the latest marijuana news and reviews on the best vaporizing products to help you make better informed buying and health decisions.

Think about the questions I asked above and feel free to share your true views on this issue. Stay tuned for more hot vaporizer reviews and news .


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