Legalization of Medical Marijuana Is Girl’s Only Hope


We already know the tremendous treatment capabilities of medical marijuana and though a lot of states are legalizing this “herb”, a few others can’t seem to make up their mind whether to adopt it or not. Of course, with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, the whole weed debate has been turned over its head with major focus being on the negative effects of this herb.

A sad case that comes to mind is that of Sophia Nazzarine. This 5 year old girl has already had 3 brain surgeries and a device put in her chest but nothing has quite provided a solution to her epilepsy yet. Scott Nazzarine – Sophia’s father tells that Sophia has at least 10 seizures a day and their attempts at trying to reduce this with medication have proven futile.

Their only hope is for Ohio to legalize medical marijuana to help save little Sophia’s life. Sophia’s parents Scott and Nicole have opted for this alternative because “This CBD (cannabidiol) component of the marijuana plant has the same type of affect on the brain that many seizure medications do. It has a calming effect,”

You are probably wondering why the Nazzarine’s can’t just move to another state where medical marijuana  has been legalized. Well, here is what Scott had to say about that when responding to a comment:

“Al, it is my daughter and I agree with your point but unfortunately it’s not that simple. Sophia’s mother and I both have jobs and families here. We have a support system and doctors we’ve been working with. My mother recently passed away, and my father is in somewhat poor health and I would like to be around for him. But even with all that, I would move if I knew it would help my little girl. But the only place to get this particular strain of medical marijuana right now is in Colorado and there is a long waiting list to get it. So basically, we’d have to move two families there, wait for doctors to check her out and prescribe it, wait to get the medicine and then hope it works. If it does, great, I’ll gladly start our lives over again in Colorado. But if it doesn’t, then we’ve given up everything. We have no jobs, no insurance (the surgeries to date have cost in the millions–luckily we have good insurance), no family support system, etc. Believe me, we’ve considered it, and are still considering it. But it’s not as simple. I wish it were.”

Probably what really struck me the most was the lengths to which these parents were willing to go to give their daughter a better life. Scott captured it best when he said:

“As of right now we’ve tried everything, and I feel like there’s no reason we shouldn’t be allowed to try this one final step,”

Don’t you think its time our government seriously thought about the whole marijuana issue? If it were your child, what would you do? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to share them below.