DEA Agent Joins Lucrative Legal Marijuana Industry


Ever since Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use, there has been a lot of interesting stories making the rounds. Everyone from the president to the average Joe on the street have been quick to give their two cents on the whole issue.

With the pot industry exploding,  a lot of people are looking at cashing in on the windfall. Believe it or not, the marijuana industry has now snared the very people who were strongly against it. Just this week word broke out that former DEA agent Patrick Moen who quit his post last year has now been recruited by a private equity firm that specializes in acquiring businesses in the marijuana industry. Surprisingly, Moen not only has a law degree, but also a strong background in law enforcement. He was once a police office in New York City

Moen becomes the second DEA agent after Paul Schmidt one of the highest ranking DEA agents in Oregon did the unthinkable by joining the marijuana industry. Of course,  a lot of people especially Moen’s colleagues are not happy with his switch. He however, maintains that his move was basically due to the fact that he was seeking a new challenge.

“There was no Aha moment,” Moen said when interviewed by the Seattle Times. “I had been contemplating career moves, looking for new challenges. It was partly a reflection of the general dysfunction of the federal government. Gridlock in D.C. has trickled down to affect every employee. It hurts morale. I’ll leave it at that.”

When asked why he left the DEA an agency he had at one time in his career characterized as the cream of the crop, Moen said that he realized that targeting marijuana was not an effective use of federal resources. How about that.

Schimdt on the other hand said that he saw marijuana as the least of the evils when compared to other drugs like heroin, meth and cocaine.

In fact in an interview with the Oregonian, he revealed the irony behind his move. “A lot of people say, “How could you be so against it on Monday then on Tuesday, you are all for it ?” he said. The truth is, as more and more information becomes readily available concerning the uses of marijuana, a lot of people’s resistance to the herb will start to decrease.

So far, we have seen the President speak on marijuana and the NFL Commissioner positively comment on the whole cannabis debate. The question, is the world ready to legalize marijuana?