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FlashVape Vaporizer Review


If you are looking for an extremely fast and portable vaporizer, you should consider the FlashVape vaporizer. With a sleek and stylish design that is 100% anodized aluminum alloy and a 100% large ceramic chamber that guarantees the very best efficiency, the FlashVape Vaporizer impressed me from the start.

When I say fast, I mean it. This vaporizer requires no heat up time. In fact, you can be vaping within seconds of turning it on.  Apart from its efficiency, the FlashVape Vaporizer has been designed to vape both blends and solid concentrates. This means that you can use it for herbs and oils.

When it comes to the construction of this vaporizer, a lot of detail has been taken into account. The FlashVape Vaporizer has a large ceramic bowl for placing your material that measures 2.5 cm. The stylish stainless steel heating element with a steel top screen which can be replaced for maximum effeciency will give you a clean, crisp and flavorful vapor.

The airflow path of the FlashVape Vaporizer is sealed and and placed separated from the battery, wiring and switches to make sure each vape you inhale is of the highest quality.

In addition to this, the manufacturer’s fitted this device with the highest quality rechargeable lithium ion battery in the market to guarantee a safe and healthy vaping experience for you.

The FlashVape Vaporizer is available in in a myriad of colors and it comes with a 2 year warranty. Maintaining this vaporizer is very easy. All major components can be taken apart to throroughly clean it. Moreover, the features like the tempered glass window can be cleaned with an isopropyl alcohol solution for a good clean.

There is also a upgraded kit for this vaporizer. In it you will find a dual battery charger with additional replacement tabbed and fitter screens. Unfortunately, this upgraded kit is exclusive to limited stores. That said, you can get the FlashVape Vaporizer and upgraded kit here.

So why should you get the FlashVape Vaporizer? Well, if you are looking for a vaporizer that is affordable, fast, portable and efficient, this vaporizer is the perfect choice for you.You can learn more about the FlashVape Vaporizer here>>>


PUFFiT X Vaporizer Review


The PUFFiT X vaporizer is a discreet and stylish vaporizer that uses an advanced forced air system that will enhance your vaporization experience. How it works is pretty simple. The internal fan on the PUFFiT vaporizer pushes hot air over your herbs which creates a steady and consistent vapor. The final product released is a clean and flavorful vapor.

What I really liked about this vaporizer is its silicone heat shield that keeps the heat inside the unit and reduce the outside surface temperature. Discreet Vape went a step further to ensure that maximum efficiency and accuracy are observed by installing a microprocessor and temperature sensors in the vaporizer to ensure you get the right temperature for burning your herbs.

The temperature control feature on the vaporizer will allow you to set temperatures according to your liking. The PUFFiT X vaporizer has also been installed with a removable internal stir tool that will automatically materials in the chamber without you having to do it yourself. This will help conserve heat .

The PUFFiT Vaporizer has a quick heat up time of less than a minute making it super quick. Discreet Vape was able to achieve this by fusing together an internal processor with a high grade gold plated heating chamber. The 90 second auto shut off feature guarantees that your battery is efficiently utilized.

Measuring only 3.5 inches in height and 1 inch in width the PUFFiT vaporizer is very small, compact and portable. It weighs 2.6 ounces and it can comfortably fit in any purse or pocket. Its unique inhaler style shape makes it extremely discreet and is good option for people who are self conscious about vaporizing in public.

The battery comes with a 90 day warranty which is a little bit disappointing considering the fact that is is one of the main components of the vaporizers. So should you get PUFFiT X vaporizer? Well, if you are looking for an affordable vaporizer that is highly efficient, very discreet and portable, this is the vaporizer for you. However, if you are willing to spend a little more for a truly grand vaping experience, you can consider the Arizer Vaporizers.

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer-Portable Marijuana Vaporizers

Pinnacle Pro Herbal Vaporizer


The Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer by VaporBlunt is a portable marijuana vaporizer. The Pinnacle Pro herbal vaporizer has been out since 2013 and it’s certainly an upgrade from the Pinnacle Classic. The Pinnacle Pro marijuana vaporizer is slim and convenient for a portable marijuana vaporizer. You can easily slip this herbal vaporizer in your pocket, something we’re all looking for in a portable vaporizer.

The Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer runs in the middle of the vaporizer world, not a high quality vaporizer but not a slouch either. VaporBlunt made great improvements when they came out with the Pinnacle Pro. If you owned the Pinnacle Classic, you probably found out that it had a weak heating element compared to other weed vaporizers. The heating chamber is more improved and the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer features a 5 heating settings. Overall, vaporizing is at a much higher quality then before. This Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer has two built in heat settings – Level 1: 375°F & Level 2: 390°F

I believe one of the best features about the Pinnacle Pro marijuana vaporizer is the fact that you can burn both herbs and oils. Most herbal vaporizers are only able to burn herbs or just oils, not both. The Pinnacle Pro allows you to burn oils and herbs. It’s simple, just drop it in, turn it on and you’re ready to rock-n-roll. Another awesome feature is the heating chamber in the mouthpiece, much easier to vape.

You have to love the size and accessibility of the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer. You can easily access and store it away. As for portable vaporizers, the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is a heavyweight. It has the power to get the job done in a quality manner. For its size, the Pinnacle Pro herbal vaporizer packs a punch. You can also add extra features to the Pinnacle Pro, which is another plus. I also like the design, which is a small upgrade from the Pinnacle classic. I know most of you don’t care about design, but I do. I want my vape to be stylish, I’m stylish. Stylish and powerful, sounds like a win-win.

One of the negatives about the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is the battery life. Compared to other herbal vaporizers, it’s at the lower end in battery life. Although this isn’t a big deal, it’s still a concern. Perhaps you’ll always be around a plug in, but if you aren’t, better make sure she’s fully charged before taking off. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible but not as strong as the competition.

Some people believe that the $200+ price tag on the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer is a little high, but after considering everything, I believe the price tag is more then fair. Again, you have a high powered portable vaporizer. You have the ability to burn both herbs and oil. Now, if you don’t burn both herbs and oil, it could be a different story. If you do burn both, this is a fair price tag for the Pinnacle Pro. In closing, if you’re a fan of the Pinnacle Vaporizer, you should get the upgrade. If you’re looking for a powerful portable vaporizer, this does the job. I get good burn and cooling, no issues there. I would certainly recommend the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer.


Sonic Vaporizer Review


The Sonic Vaporizer is one of the newest entrants in the market. It is a sleek portable vaporizer that closely resembles the DaVinci Vaporizer. Not only does this vaporizer combine portability and functionality, but it also has amazing features that really makes it stand out. If you’re looking for a quality herbal vaporizer, the Sonic is a great choice.

Sure, at first I had doubts about this vaporizer, but they were quickly erased when I got my hands on it. What I really like about the Sonic Vaporizer is its performance. Unlike other handheld vaporizers that produce low quality vapor, the Sonic vaporizer produces some of the highest quality vapor. It’s clean, pure and very flavourful.

It’s ceramic heating chamber will ensure your herbs are evenly and efficiently burned. Some of the other key features of this vaporizer include:

Quick heat time

The Sonic Vaporizer has been built with an advanced heating function that will reach optimum vaporizing temperatures within 30 seconds. This is a big plus when it comes to marijuana vaporizers.

Precise temperature control

With the precise temperature control feature, you don’t have to worry about  your herbs getting burned. All you do is set your preferred temperature and wait to vape.

Compact and portable

This herbal vaporizer is very small and operates on battery making it extremely portable especially for mobile people. It can fit in the palm of your hand offering you complete discretion as well as being small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. When it comes to portable vaporizers, this is a quality marijuana vaporizer.

Easy to use

Finally, the Sonic Vaporizer is very easy to use. Simply turn it on, set your preferred temperature and inhale the vapor. It’s a very easy herbal vaporizer to use, it doesn’t get any easier.

Some things to remember when using this vaporizer:

  • Don’t over fill your chamber. This will give you efficient and flavourful vapor
  • Use slow steady draws to draw the vapor
  • Ensure your herbs are ground properly
  • Regular cleaning of the vaporizer will help it avoid collecting residue and will ensure it continues to function properly

So is the Sonic Vaporizer the perfect fit for you? Well, if you are looking for a vaporizer that is easy to use, portable, efficient, has a quick heat up time is stylish and discreet, then the Sonic Vaporizer is what you should consider getting.


Best Pen Vaporizers For 2014

Since we published our best vaporizers of 2012 article, it has been one of the most viewed and talked about posts on this website. From your responses, it was easy to gather that many of you are interested in the vaping culture and would like to know all that you can about herbal vaporizers. The past year has seen huge growth in the vaporizing industry so much so that we decided to publish this buyer’s guide on the best pen vaporizers for 2014.

Most of the units reviewed here are of vaporizers that are yet to hit the market. We decided to highlight these units to give you a heads up on the latest trends in the industry. So without further ado, here is our list of the best pen vaporizers that you should keep an eye out for in 2014.

1. Pinnacle Vaporizers


Developed and manufactured by VaporBlunt, both the Pinnacle Vaporizer and the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer are two of  the most effective vaporizers on the market today.

Their small, compact design makes them extremely portable which is perfect for people who are usually on the go.The both have quick heat up times of 90 seconds, and are powered by high lithium batteries so you don’t have to worry about cords and cables.

The key stand out feature for both these vaporizers is the Hydrotube attachment. This feature will add water infiltration to the vaporization process and guarantee you a more enhanced performance.

The Pro version of this herbal vaporizer is a new release and comes with a few enhancements icnluding a better design and the multiple heat setting which will allow you to adjust and control your vaporizing temperatures.

2. ThermoVape Vaporizer


The Thermovape T1 Portable Vaporizer is an affordable, durable and efficient marijuana vaporizer. It has been built with an innovative design which is sophisticated yet simple.

This herbal vaporizer guarantees you nothing but the cleanest and purest flavor so you don’t have to worry about smoke and combustion gases. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a car adapter for people who want to vape on the go.

This unit is powered  by a new type of rechargeable batteries that are common in electric cars. These batteries are also extremely portable and they can be charged in excess of 100o times and still function efficiently.

3. Dube Vaporizer

The Dube vaporizer is a pen style portable vaporizer that is small compact and light in weight. This vaporizer is heated with a ceramic heating elemnt that offers quick heat up times of between 5 and 7 seconds. Moreover, the Dube Vaporizer can be used to either inhale herbs or aromatherapy oils.

This charger can be charged using the convetional wall charge or via USB. Learn more about the Dube vaporizer in the video below.

4. AtmosRAW RX Vaporizer

The AtmosRAW Vaporizer is a 100 per cent all American vaporizer and one of the smallest in the world. The AtmosRAW Vaporizer works well when used to heat herbs. It is compact, easy to use and is an ideal vaporizer choice if you are looking for something affordable and discreet. Watch the video below to learn more.

Hopefully, this guide helped shed some light on the best pen vaporizers for 2014. There are a lot of pen vaporizers on the market and sometimes it can be a real hustle trying to figure out which is the best. We have a number of vaporizer reviews so be sure to check them out to know which are the best.

DaVinci Vaporizer Review


The DaVinci Vaporizer can easily be mistaken for the Iolite WISPR vaporizer. They are very similar in appearance however, their performance is very different.

Since being introduced into the market in 2012, the DaVinci herbal vaporizer has established itself as a high quality portable vaporizer. I decided to try it out and was very pleased with it’s overall performance and specs.

What makes the DaVinci really stand out is  it’s portable nature and ergonomic design. It is powered by batteries which will supply you with 1 hr and 40 mins of superior vaping power.  It’s unique design makes it comfortable to hold in your hand and its lightweight and compact build makes it easy to carry around.

The DaVinci vaporizer has a digital temperature display which will make it easy for you to adjust and find the right temperatures for burning your herbs. What I really liked about this vaporizer was it’s large internal storage compartment. This storage compartment is big enough to hold a cleaning tool which you can use to clean this vaporizer while out and about.

In addition to the large storage compartment, the DaVinci Vaporizer has dual filling chambers that allow for vaporizing of herbs as well as liquids (oils).Pretty functional if you ask me.

DaVinci Vaporizer features

There are a number of features that will make you want to get this vaporizer.In addition to its large storage compartment, the flexi straw, the digital temperature controls and it’s compact nature, the snap lid chamber will keep you herbs and oils from spilling out.

This vaporizer comes with a two year warranty on all parts.

What I didn’t like about this vaporizer

The only drawback I can see with this unit is how hot the exterior gets when in use.

If you are seriously thinking about getting a herbal vaporizer that has a quick heat up time, is portable and healthy, the DaVinci Vaporizer is a good buy. You can go wrong in these aspects. Buy the DaVinci Vaporizer.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer


The Arizer Solo Vaporizer is a mid ranged portable vaporizer manufactured by Canadian company Arizer Diffusers. Of all the vapes we have reviewed, we found the Arizer Solo to be top notch when it comes to vapor quality.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Features

So just why should you get the Arizer Solo Vaporizer? Good question. The Arizer Solo Vaporizer has been made using the best quality components and material. It’s portable, has a very stylish design and is very lightweight (weighs only 2 pounds).

What we really liked about this marijuana vaporizer was its stainless steel heating element and top quality borosilicate mouth glass piece which are totally in contrast to the plastic and vinyl tubing found on many other vaporizers.

Moreover, the Arizer’s large heating chamber will not only increase the amount of vapor you inhale, but it will also allow more hot air to pass over your herbs to give you rich and flavourful vapor with every draw you inhale.

When it comes to design, the Arizer Solo Herbal Vaporizer is truly in a class of its own. This weed vaporizer has a durable Aluminium outer shell that will safeguard it from scratches and the usual wear and tear and a stainless steel wall design that will keep the heating chamber cool even when the vaporizer is set at high temperature.

It’s high-quality lithium ion battery is able to provide you with up to three hours of pure, unadulterated vaping bliss which is good because a lot of vaporizers don’t last that long.

The Arizer’s easy to use nature is further enhanced by its LED temperature control system that will allow you to regulate vaporizing temperatures easily.

What we liked about the Arizer Solo

  • Compact design
  • Glass tubing
  • Portable nature. No cords or wires needed
  • High quality flavor
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime warranty

The Arizer’s large heating chamber will give you, crisp, flavorful and consistent vapor. Maintenance of the unit is not difficult either as this can be done using a wire cleaning brush with solid and strong bristles plus this vaporizer even comes with a lifetime warranty!


Pax Vaporizer Review

Pax Vaporizer Review

Pax Vaporizer Review


The Pax vaporizer is completely rechargeable unlike other electric vaporizers.

Pax fits within the mid-high range vaporizers and is relatively expensive.

This technology is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and a high quality vaporizer like the Pax really is worth the value.

Pax by Ploom vaporizer

Vaporizer Company Ploom Emerges 2012

Recently, a new vaporizer company by the name of Ploom has shown they will soon be a leader in portable vaporizers.

Ploom will hopefully come out with some cheaper vapes, but until then the vaporizer industry is reeling over the new Pax portable vaporizer.

The Pax Vaporizer by Ploom is unmatched in the discreteness and is quickly becoming a personal favorite among medical marijuana patients.

Herb grinders are essential with the Pax, like any herbal vaporizer on the market.

The more ground your medical marijuana, the more pure thc you will extract from the marijuana.

This vaporizer recently launched in 2012.

Pro/Con Review of Pax by Ploom


A con of the Pax is that it’s not a digital vaporizer.

There is a light indicator which turns on when it’s ready to use, but without a digital readout, it’s hard to choose your preferred temperature.

With Pax, you do not need to use a vaporizer whip, simply inhale straight out of the Pax vaporizer.


Being portable is probably the best feature, as well as the easy recharge.

The display isn’t as in-depth like the Arizer Solo vaporizer, but the Pax vaporizer does beat out the magic flight launch box.


If you want the best portable herbal vaporizer, I would suggest going with the Pax vaporizer by Ploom. It will definitely make you happy when you owing quality herbal vaporizer, like Pax by Ploom.

High Quality Vaporizers

Investing in a High Quality Vaporizers

There is a lot going on in the world of medical marijuana. Weed vaporizers have emerged on the scene with the promise of providing pure thc with each hit. In recent times, the number of vaporizer types has increased dramatically.

A high quality vaporizer will give you everything that is good, the psychoactive effects (active cannabinoids) without the harmful toxins typically found in smoke. There are now portable vaporizers such as the Vapir vaporizer or iolite portable vaporizer, desktop vaporizers such as the tower extreme vaporizer or volcano digital vaporizer.

The cheaper vapes are not so hot, such as analog vaporizers without the digital display. One thing about marijuana vaporizers is that you must heat the medical marijuana up to optimum temperatures. Typically this ranges between 300f-400f degrees, hotter if you want all the pure thc you can get.

Cannabis Cup Goers Love Weed Vaporizers

Cannabis Cup has been showing a peak in interest over the weed vaporizer. Medical marijuana laws are able to keep patients with their meds, but many U.S. citizens want to see marijuana legalized across the country. Cannabis Cup winners from all over the United States are now starting medical marijuana clinics. Colorado medical marijuana clinics are popping up faster than Starbucks.


If you have a medical marijuana recommendation and would like to try a vaporizer, there are many different options. I wrote about the best vaporizers here.

Want to hear my advice? Stay away from harmful toxins and get yourself a vaporizer.

Personal Marijuana Vaporizers

Personal Marijuana Vaporizers

Personal marijuana vaporizers have become very popular lately. Not many people realize how personal marijuana vaporizers actually works and the benefits attached to them. In addition, if people want to buy a personal marijuana vaporizer, where can they do so? Let’s take a look at some of these aspects regarding these devices. Continue reading “Personal Marijuana Vaporizers” »

Vapir NO2 Portable Vaporizer Review


You may take a look at the Vapir NO2 Vaporizer and feel that the size is much too large for it to be included in a list of best herbal vaporizers, but it isn’t. Many of the gas powered vaporizers on the market can cause a leakage which in turn will mean that you inhale the gas. The Vapir NO2 vaporizer runs on battery power so there are no ‘unsavoury’ chemicals that you can inhale. This means everything going into your body is pure goodness!

The upside to the first vaporizer I mentioned is that it does not need an electrical outlet to work, it runs on a rechargeable battery, which makes it incredibly portable. Learn more >>

What’s really cool about the Vapir NO2 Vaporizer is the fact that it is extremely quiet when heating (great for discretion) plus it has an auto shut off feature which kicks in after 20 minutes of idle time allowing you to conserve power.

As if that isn’t enough, Vapir Inc threw in a 1 year manufacturers warranty that covers any defect related to the heating elements or the electronics.  For the really eager vapers out there, this vaporizer is able to reach optimum vaporizing temperatures within 1 minute! Add this to its revolutionary design and you have a very thorough and efficient unit.

This vaporizer is easy to use, can be charged in the car and will confuse a lot of people when you are hitting it as it will probably look like you are drinking from a straw. Personally, I loved it!

Due to the digital display you will also be able to have full control over what temperature your herbs are heated at. Pretty cool as this allows you to be in extreme control over your vaping experience. Vapir’s mission is to create the ultimate/portable digital vaporizer and quite frankly, they accomplished that with the  Vapir NO2 Vaporizer.

I cannot find many flaws with the Vapir NO2 Vaporizer, apart from the size. I really do feel that not only is this the best marijuana vaporizer at this price range, but the best overall.


Iolite Portable Vaporizer Review


If you are looking for something a bit portable then this is probably the way to go. The Iolite V2 portable vaporizer is manufactured by a company in Ireland called Oglesby & Butler and was introduced into the market in 2008. This company also makes another popular vaporizer the WISPR vaporizer . Both these vaporizers have very similar features, however, they are not identical.

Many people agree that this is the best herbal vaporizer for those that are out travelling. The entire contraption runs on butane gas and one filling can provide 2 hours of burning time, there is no inconvenience of having to place expensive batteries into the machine or to find an electrical outlet to charge it. Learn more about the Iolite portable vaporizer>>

The heating element heats the herb chamber to the best vaporizing temperature which is usually 374 degrees Fahrenheit or 190 degrees Celsius.

There is a 500mg capacity, this means that you will probably get around 15 minutes of vaporization from each herb that you load into it. The herbs are not burned, merely heated which means that no smoke is produced. This is an incredibly good starter vaporizer, and is ideal for ‘smoking’ in public spaces due to the lack of smoke that is produced.

The Iolite V2 Vaporizer fits snugly in the palm of your hand and only weighs 81 grams (much lighter than the average mobile phone) plus, it doesn’t have any restrictions attached to it like power cords or battery packs.

Another good feature we liked about this vaporizer was the very basic functional design and easy to follow instructions. We were able to follow the instructions attached to the unit without any difficulties. It’s heat up time (-2-5 mins for optimal temperatures) may not be fast compared to other units but when you consider no smoke or harmful gases are released and the butane is only expelled as harmless vapor through the ventilation ports, it does make up for the lost time.

Additionally, the Iolite vaporizer is a very quiet device. Unless you are in a totally quiet place you will hear it run, however, once optimal temperatures are reached, there is no sound at all.


Many people find a problem with the mouthpiece, but this is down to the fact that they do not store it correctly which causes it to become gunked up a lot quicker.

Should you get the Iolite vaporizer? we would not hesitate to recommend this vaporizer to anyone. It has a unique and stylish design that can be mistaken for a mobile phone (perfect for discretion), is available in a variety of colors, it’s easy to use-has a simple on/off button to start it running, it has a light indicator to alert you when optimum temperature has been reached, it’s affordable and it comes with a two year warranty. Learn more about the Iolite V2 Vaporizer here>>

Vapir 5.0 Vaporizer Review

So you are thinking about getting a new vaporizer and are considering the Vapir 5.0 vaporizerIn my opinion this is one of the best digital herbal vaporizers on the market, and many people agree with that standpoint as well. It does take a little bit of getting used to, and it will take a while to learn, but once you have cracked it you will be able to utilise those herbs in a more efficient manner than any other vaporizer.



  • Small, compact and affordable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has three fans and a digital display.
  • Balloons come with caps for holding vapor in the bags.
  • Comes with five balloons that make it great for smoking with friends.
  • Great price point for vapers who are just starting out.
  • Has re-usable herbal discs.


  • Vapor leakage causes inefficiency.
  • Has to be plugged in to be used.
  • Must be used with a stand.
  • Very noisy. It only produces vapor when the fan is on.
  • It has to cool down.
  • 90 day manufacturer warranty.
  • Does not have a stand for resting when in use.

The truth is, the Vapir 5.0 Vaporizer is one of the most affordable vaporizers in the market today. It has a bag and a whip system which allows it to produce vapor just as good if not better than any other vaporizer in the market. Moreover, it comes with additional accessories and it is built to last.

The downside to this of course is that it needs an electrical outlet to use, which doesn’t make it ideal for travelling. Inhalation also takes place through a bag as opposed to through the unit, this does seem a little ‘strange’ to some people. Also as mentioned above, the unit must be used with its noisy fan on.

This can prove to be a major turn-off for vapers who prefer discretion. This coupled with the fact that you can’t leave the vaporizer on between sessions and lack of a stand to keep it upright adds to its drawbacks. That said, these cons are relatively minor though, and many people do rate this as one of the best vaporizers. Learn more about the Vapir 5.0 vaporizer >>


The key parts of the Vapir 5.0 vaporizer are the the hot air generator, the herbal discs, the whip and the 5 balloon bags. Remember, the hot air generator has to be heated up before use.

Metal discs

The discs on the Vapir 5.0 are metallic. Each disc has a screen to protect the herbs when placed inside them. The herbs are placed in the disc which is then put in a sliding holder which goes into the heating chamber. The discs tend to get extremely hot because of their attachment to the hot air generator so you are advised to be extremely careful when handling them.

Whip system

The whip system is a 14.5 inch tube that slides into a hole at eh end of the unit.

Balloons or Bags

The Vapir 5.0 vaporizer has 5 sturdy bags that are built to last.They are easy to use, provide consistent vapor and are well built. Additional these bags come with a cap that will help to keep the vapor in when they are set down.

How to clean your Vapir vaporizer

Though the Vapir 5.0 vaporizer has a lot of accessories, cleaning it is not as hard as you might think. The most essential parts that need to be cleaned are the bag and whip system and this can be done by using isopropyl alcohol.

The hot air generator does not need to be cleaned, however, the bag and tubes will gather build up over time. Alternatively, you can opt to replace them.

The bottom line

The Vapir 5.0 vaporizer is an affordable, is easy to use vaporizer that heats up quickly and is one of the best vaporizers in the market for multitasking.. Try out the Vapir 5.0 Vaporizer today!