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Marijuana Vaporizer Effects


Probably the biggest question I come across a lot is “What are the key marijuana vaporizer effects?” Many marijuana recreational users describe the effects of the herb as euphoric and enhancing their senses, the truth is vaporizing marijuana is a lot safer and healthier, yes healthier than smoking it. I will explain more.

The difference between smoke and vapor

Before explaining the benefits of vaporizing, it is important to know the difference between smoking marijuana and vaporizing marijuana. The difference is that whenever you burn marijuana or any other material it releases smoke which contains harmful toxic carcinogens which are harmful to your lungs.

Vapor on the other hand is much cleaner and safer. The major difference is that vaporizers use heat rather than a dry flame to evaporate and not burn the material. The major benefit of this is that the smoke which contains a lot of toxins is not released and thus cannot be inhaled. This gives you a safer and healthier way to consume your material.

Until a few years back, the common thought was that cannabis had to be burned to be inhaled into the respiratory system. this was completely proved to be inaccurate after it was proved that cannabinoids and other essential elements within the marijuana do not have to be heated but can become vapor with light heating.

So what vaporizers do is extract water from the cannabinoids producing vapor which you inhale. Okay, so you are probably wondering if vaporizers are so good, why isn’t everyone using them?

Good question. The truth is, though this device has been around for years, not too many people including cannabis users have been aware of them. Vaporizers recently started becoming popular and getting acceptable after a number of celebrities were spotted using them.

Nowadays, there are a number of brands to choose from leaving many interested vapers confused as to which are the best. The more popular brands, like the Arizer and the Volcano vaporizer are usually good vapes to get started with. Other like the Iolite which was among the first portable vaporizers to enter the market and the WISPR are also good options.

Here at MJVAPE we have used a number of vaporizers and written vaporizer reviews on them to ensure that seasoned vapers and newbies who are looking to get their feet wet with vaporizing, have the right information to ensure they have a blissful and enjoyable experience.

We hope that since you have a thorough understanding of the effects of a marijuana vaporizer, you can erase all fears and doubts about your health and enjoy your vaping experience. We would like to hear from you so drop us a line with your questions or comments and we will get back to you.


Can You Vaporize Marijuana With An Electric Cigarette?


Can you vaporize marijuana in a electric cigarette? You have probably asked yourself this question and are wondering whether it is possible ? Well, it is.Without wanting to get into all the legal stuff, smoking marijuana with an e-cigarette is not only possible but the feeling you get is simply amazing

So just how do you do it? Frankly, there isn’t too much detailed information on the web about how to smoke marijuana with an e-cigarette unless you check the forums. But even there, you will have to wade through hundreds if not thousands of threads to really get an idea of how to do it right.

The truth is the only way to smoke THC with an electric cigarette is if you have it extracted from the herb and stuff it into the cartridge just the same way you would put nicotine into the cartridge.

E-cigarettes ingest liquid nicotine so your marijuana would have to be liquid if you are to ingest it. Moreover, the e-cigarette will only vaporizer the liquid nicotine at certain temperatures which might not be optimum for liquid marijuana. It is important to remember that.

That said, it is worth experimenting to find out just how possible this is. If you do try to smoke marijuana with an e-cigarette, we would like to know how it goes for you.