The Truth About Marijuana

So today, I decided to do things a little different. Since the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, the number of people I come across who are interested in knowing how this works is ncreasing day by day. It’s in light of this that I would like to share a video of how a little girl was able to change the mind of world renowned doctor Sanjay Gupta on the use of marijuana to treat and cure terminal illness.

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Lets get Vaporated!

Vaporizing is slowly becoming a very popular way to enjoy cannabis. As states are legalizing marijuana companies are constantly coming up with new ways to vaporize. The most recent craze is the new snoop dog edition vaporizer pen. This vapor pen has been seen at numerous locations in the hands of Snoop Lion himself. He claims that this is just the beginning of the line and more to come. It will be interesting to see where he takes this new pen vaporizer.

Why Vaporize?

Vaporizing is a healthy alternative to smoking cannabis because it allows you to avoid the smoke inhalation and enjoy the THC in cannabis. Smoke is not good for you, whether you are having a cigarette or Marijuana. To avoid inhaling harmful chemicals try vaporizing! Start with a vaporizer that is not expensive but has good reviews! The average price ranges from $20.00 -$100.00. A great place to start your research is just a click away. Visit our best vaporizers section for detailed information about current vaporizers. Choose a pen vaporizer verse a desktop vaporizer may be a choice you need to make depending on your lifestyle, wink wink:)

When researching the term Vaporizer you will find that Wikipedia defines it as a form of extracting ingredients for inhalation. This doesn’t have to be used just for Cannabis. The point is it is the safer alternative so imagine inhaling tobacco plants for the ingredients verse smoking it or burning it.

As we get through this year we are slowly seeing a transition in America. Over 58% of America currently support the idea of legalizing Marijuana. States like Colorado have approved recreational use starting as soon as January 2014. This means that the trend is setting but just because its being proven Cannabis is not harmful doesn’t mean smoking it isn’t harmful.

SO, the next time you roll a Cannabis Joint remember what you are about to light up, FUMES. Put it away and pull out a vaporizer, save your lungs! Enjoy the THC not the chemicals. As we progress through the next few months we intend on releasing videos to show you how to vaporize, why vaporizing is a better alternative to smoking, what kind of vaporizers to use and much more good information. Stay tuned as we are going to keep posting good information to keep you updated on the vaporizing trend.