How To Buy A Vaporizer

If you are going to buy a vaporizer, one thing you must keep in mind is its ability to reduce smoke emission. There are many types of vaporizers available in the market today making it much harder to know which are the best. So before you buy a herbal vaporizer, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Should you go for table top vaporizers or portable vaporizers?

This entirely depends on your preference, needs and personality. Portable weed vaporizers are vaporizers that are much smaller than table top vaporizers and are not only convenient and discreet, but they are also simple to operate. Most portable vaporizers do not have cords and are powered by batteries, butane or flame lighters. Probably the biggest advantage of portable vaporizers is the fact that it allows its users the freedom to enjoy savory, vapor anywhere. If you like to vape any time any place, this is probably your best option. Take a look at some of the best portable vaporizers in the market today


Table top vaporizers on the other hand are vaporizers that rest on a table and must be plugged into a power supply to operate. They produce better quality vapor than portable devices and in different methods including: forced air or balloon bag, whip style and the dual method (balloon bag and whip). The key benefit of table top vaporizers is that they efficiently control the vaporization process by allowing users to adjust the temperature. If you will be vaporizing at home, then a table top vaporizer should be your first choice. You can find several great deals on table top herbal vaporizers at our sponsor.


2. Analogue vaporizers or digital vaporizers?

The next question you should ask yourself is whether you should go digital or stick to analogue? Again this is entirely dependent on preference. Digital vaporizers are vaporizers that have a display screen which the user can use to determine temperature and status of his/her vaporizer. The major benefit of a digital vaporizer is that it gives you total control over the vaporizing process. If you’re looking to buy a digital marijuana vaporizer, visit our sponsor.


Analogue or traditional vaporizers are vaporizers that do not have a digital display screen but have knobs and dials which users can use to set temperature. The major advantage of traditional vaporizers is that they are reliable, high quality and durable. If you are working with a budget of $200 or less, then a traditional vaporizer is the perfect choice for you. You can’t go wrong with a quality herbal vaporizer.

3. Heat source and Delivery Method

Do not neglect to consider these two very important aspects of vaporizers as this will affect the quality of vapor you inhale. Portable vaporizers work with batteries, butane or flame. Of course burning your material with a flame will is not as efficient.

The major advantage of this is that batteries offer a steady and continuous flow of power, however, the only drawback is that they must be charged regularly.

Butane powered vaporizers are good for people who are mobile because it does not require them to connect it to a power supply.


When it comes to delivery method, there are a number of option for table top vaporizers. Portable vaporizers on the other hand have only one method of delivery. Table top vaporizers can have inhalers use the balloon bag, whip style and the dual method as delivery options.


Whip-style vaporizers are vaporizers that have a pipe (referred to as a whip in this case) enables the user to inhaler vapor by pulling hot air over the burning material.

Balloon bag/forced air vaporizers have an in-built fan that pushes hot air over your material which forms a consistent flow of vapor that is collected in the balloon bag.  These types of vaporizers are the latest in the market and are usually found in most of the top of the range models.

Dual vaporizers are vaporizers that have whip and forced air technology fused into them for extreme efficiency.


Hopefully by now you are more knowledgeable on the many types of vaporizers that exist on the market and the options that you have at your expense.

What do you think? Was this helpful? Tell us what other things you consider when you want to buy a vaporizer.