Vaporizer Pipes

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Vaporizer pipes are useful for the their portability and discreetness. We have the best selection of vaporizer pipes on the internet and marijuana vaporizer pipes are much better, as you don’t get harmful toxins you would get from smoking a unfiltered joint. If you’re looking for a quality herbal vaporizer, I would suggest a weed Vaporizer Pipe. Marijuana vaporizer pipes are especially useful for heating cannabis for medicinal purposes. Heating cannabis will rouse up active THC in the smoke.

glass vaporgenie herbal vaporizer pipe

This glass marijuana vaporizer pipe has a flame built in and is a portable vaporizer. It is medium weight and a well-made piece of craftsmanship. You can use torch lighters on this and it doesn’t ever crack. Overall the Glass Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe is a good deal. I personally like this better than a digital vaporizer or glass water pipes.

Vapir Mini portable herbal vaporizer pipe

The VAPIR Oxygen Mini Corded Vaporizer v.4.0 is a perfect solution for those looking to get rid of the harmful toxins usually being inhaled just to get active thc. VAPIR no2 was good, but this one is also not bad. It’s reasonably priced and it can be portable because it’s small size. Is it me, or does this pipe seem futuristic?

Classic Aluminum Vapor Genie is made of a stainless steel bowl which is wrapped in aluminum by a layer of air. The aluminum doesn’t get as hot as a typical aluminum marijuana vaporizer pipe. Comes with a stylish black top. Looks cool.

The Oilite Wispr Vaporizer is colored Espresso Brow and is very compact. The vaporize temperature doesn’t get too bad because it has a regulator built in.  This is the second generation of the Wispr by Iolite and it’s a good piece for the collection.

This this is small! Amazingly it even has a ash trap built in to the stainless steel bowl. It was designed to be super compact. They call it the 2011 Vape or Smoke Portable Vaporizer – Ninja Edition!

The Click-n-Vape all in One Vaporizer is EASY and convenient! Originally my expectations weren’t very high because of the low cost, but it turned out to be an OK buy. It doesn’t actually vaporize, although they claim it does. Don’t buy this one if you’re looking for a good vaporizer.

The Essential  Vaporizer comes in purple and blue. It’s small and portable and includes a shock proof carrying case. This is ideal for your oils and concentrates, not very helpful with flowers. Nice, rock solid buy.

The Eclipse Essential Vap Portable is a very good deal at 30% off. All you need to do is heat the glass chamber and you control the heat. This is a solid piece if you’re looking for strong alloy inside and out. Best for oils.

The Iolite Original comes in green, black, orange, and white. The mouthpiece is very smooth and comfortable, and the device itself is extremely discreet. It fits in the palm of my hand, so it’s easy to get a rich deep vapor hit anytime I need.

These pipes for VaporGenie are just classic. This has a nice wood outside layer. The wood is actually durable and won’t burn easily. It’s great and takes nice solid tokes. Comes in all types of colors including green, silver, black and pink.

Another VaporGenie. This one looks more like a traditional pipe design, but is much more sturdy. It’s a good portable piece that blends in well with the world. The Oak finish is nice and smooth.

The Eclipse Vape2o isn’t my favorite. Not only does it look like something out of this world, it’s a pretty heavy pipe. This can adapt to your water pipe though, which is my interest. Get nice cool clean hits with this vaporizer from Essential.

The Vapolution Pocket Vaporizer is very affordable and works like a charm. You don’t need to heat it up to much to get a good hit. It can get hot if you leave the torch on for more than 8-10 seconds. I haven’t seen heat stress yet, so overall it’s a great piece, good gift idea.

lotus vaporizer review

The Lotus as they’re calling it, is a new and exciting new pipe. It’s very durable and of course portable. It’s easy to use and you can use a pocket torch to heat cannabis with. Lotus has a unique look to it so it makes it an ideal gift. Overall the durability is what draws me to this one.

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