When I First Discovered Pot, I was Like, This Is Awesome – Siebo Shen


You are probably not familiar with the name Seibo Shen, but you might be more acquainted with the VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer. This is the newest vaporizer from VapeXhale which according to them,  has the most advanced heating system on the market.

More About Siebo Shen

He is the Brains behind VapeXhales. Mr. Shen himself has been known around the world recently as the man who created a a even better quality innovative solution to healthy combustion of Medical Marijuana.  Mr. Shen has doctors praising him for the healthy solution he has provided to patients. In one situation a patient was given  approval to qualify  for Medical Insurance after providing proof that Mr. Shens Vaporizer  is a inhalation process not like smoking during his testing process.

According to an interview from qz.com, Shen admits to having started vaping  in 1997! He shares his story and the motivation behind this one of a kind vaporizer that has awesome testimonials. Keep in mind vaporizers are not something new, they have been around for a long time but this one is different. Its still made to avoid setting the weed aflame by heating it or creating a combustion to producing a vapor, not smoking it with a light and flame but with higher quality components, more of a natural healthier process that give the true vapor experience.  More and more i find my self applauding this health fanatic suit wearing  pot head. Shen has  started a revolution I tell you. I am proud I now can say I qualify for Life Insurance  since I can prove I inhale a vapor not smoke aflame!

stay vaporated friends!

Here is an Excerpt of the interview:

“I’ve always been a health nut. I got interested in vaporizers because they’re healthier than the alternative. Selling software was great, but I was pushing products that replaced human workers. People were getting fired.

When I first started this, people said I was an idiot. I’d worked at four different companies with successful exits. That’s supposed to be the dream, but I was getting less joy out of it every time. Now I feel like I’m doing some good.”
When asked about the high $600 retail price, this is what Shen had to say:
“There’s going to be a much more vocal demographic of cannabis users. The landscape is really changing. A lot of our customers are actually 50 or older—they’re medical users, and they want the highest, healthiest dose in the shortest period of time, which is what we offer.

I’m excited to see the stigma decrease. You’ll see more people like me—suit and tie cannabis smokers. Of course there will be a lot of recreational users, but if we’re going to point fingers at the dangers of recreational pot, let’s point fingers at big pharma and tobacco, too. I dose twice a day, and it’s helped me a lot. I have problems with low appetite and back pain, and this makes my life better. That’s true for a lot of people—lives are improved.”
So there you have it a certified marijuana user giving you his own side of the story. Just thought you would want to know a little more information on this unique vaporizer and the vaping culture. You can read Mr. Shen’s complete interview and learn more about what makes him tick.