Why Choose Herbal Vaporizers

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Good question. But why herbal vaporizers? The truth is , despite its immense benefits, not a lot of people have heard about vaporizing marijuana. Not only do you get better quality smoke when you vaporizer marijuana, but it is healthier and safer than smoking. There are a lot more benefits to vaporizing marijuana and we would like to discuss them with you in detail so keep on reading.

Vaporizing marijuana is quickly becoming a popular way of consuming cannabis. It helps to remove many toxins that exist in the plant material whilst allowing you to get all the psychoactive ingredients (cannabinoids) present in the particular strain of marijuana you are smoking.


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Believe it or not, when you smoke a joint, 88% of the combined smoke gases contain none of the active cannabinoid elements. So not only will you fail to get high, but you will also be exposing yourself to potentially high health risks.

However, when you use a marijuana vaporizer, the combined gases you inhale consist of 95% of active cannabinoids elements that will relax your body and calm your mind.

Why vaporizing marijuana is better for you

Here are a few reasons why you should vaporize rather than smoke marijuana:

  • Vaporizing cannabis produces a vapor that has just 5% of the smoke and carcinogens of smoking
  • 95% of the cannabinoids are absorbed in the first few seconds of inhaling
  • Vaporizers heat a substance to a precise temperature releasing active ingredients without ever igniting the substance
  • Vaporizers gases consist of 95% cannabinoids
  • THC element responsible for the main psychoactive effects patients are familiar with are received mainly through vaporizing
  • Vaporizing is discreet and stylish compared to smoking plus there are a lot of fragrances to choose from to help reduce the odor of the plant material

Why smoking marijuana is bad for you

Here are a few reasons why smoking marijuana is bad for you:

  • Can cause respiratory problems due to the toxins released by the combustion of the material
  • Combined smoke gases consist of 88% non cannabinoids
  • Holding in smoke allows more tar and harmful chemicals to be absorbed
  • Cannabinoids are highly combustible and can easily be destroyed when smoked
  • A burning joint can reach extremely high temperatures losing its psychoactive ingredients
  • Does not have a pleasing odor


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